Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CLOSED/Dessert/bakery: i strongly recommend WE LOVE COOKIES

No. 17, Lane 283, Luo Si Fu Road, Sec. 3
(02) 2369-5555
(updating in 2019. i think it closed last year or 2017)

MRT: Gongguan & Taipower Bldg

website: We Love Cookies Facebook page

hours: 5 PM - 10 PM; Closed Mondays


Kid friendliness: buy extras for yourself because the kids will eat them all

Visit reviewed: 8/17/2011

In the most random of places, my sister finds the most amazing cookies in Taipei. While waiting for my to-go order at Sababa (the Gongguan one behind Tai Yi Milk King), she wanders next door and we see trays and trays of fat, freshly baked cookies. The store doesn't even look like a store, with random things on the floor in the back. There's no sign, there's no seats, there's no prices on a menu. Just a guy giving us samples of every cookie, some of them still warm.

The chocolate ones dusted with powdered sugar were gooey and rich, like brownies. The one I kept thinking about was the cornflake cookie with an addictive crunch. I also liked the matcha green tea cookies and the chocolate chip cookies made with brown sugar.  There are also cupcakes and cheesecakes available. I had to buy some to take home, even after all those samples- 5 for NT$100, and after I ate them, I wished I had bought more.

We love cookies. Yes, we do.


Holly House said...

I love cookies, too but I never seems to make them right! That's why I buy them at some store and hope they turn out to be good!

Anonymous said...

The cookies here are great--and the other stuff like carrot cake cupcakes and banana cake cupcakes are off the charts. But be aware that the hours here are (how to put this politely?) not quite regular. If it's closed, you can head down the street and check out Henry and Cary's equally wonderful chocolates.

joanh said...

holly house: there's lot of good store cookies, but freshly baked cookies are the best!

anonymous: thanks for the comment! i know, i was hoping that they would be open the last time i went by but they weren't. thanks for the recommendation for the chocolates!

Anonymous said...

The hours aren't regular and I would suggest going later in the day, because the owner will "reheat" day old cookies and sell them for the same price as the freshly baked ones. Also it is always questionable as to when the cupcakes were made, there were some peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes that the shop sold for a week or even longer.

Annie said...

Got some cupcakes and a cookie to go but haven't tried them yet because I'm fuming over yet another "foreigner" (this time the owner) that didn't think I deserved to be spoken to. I can only guess it's because I'm Asian.

Any good place of business should at least treat people with human decency.

Anonymous said...

Love their cookies and they are super nice.