Monday, October 10, 2011


at Chongcheng Rd. and Xindong Rd.
Yilan, Taiwan

I LOVE night markets. It's something that you must try if you're visiting Taipei and it's something that I don't get to do often enough now that I live here. It's usually the case right? There are tons of people who live in LA that don't go to Disneyland or to Mann's Chinese Theater. How often do we get to play tourist in our own city? It's something that we should do more often.

I often get asked, where else can I go to besides Taipei? And now I can include Yilan and Luo Dong nightmarket on the list. Sprawling and packed like many other night markets, Luo Dong night market is quite large with lots of food vendors, and one section that has rows of numbered stalls. At the center of the night market is the Luodong Chungshan Park, which some people take their food to sit and eat at.

I saw a line and I had to stand in it. But it was a bit confusing- the vendors said, there's no need to stand in line, just tell us what you're ordering. So I ordered 1 box of takoyaki and waited as they poured the batter and intricately cooked up rows of octopus filled balls.

Topped with mayo and wasabi...

and bonito flakes... 

Not as mind blowing as the airy and crispy takoyaki from Japan Boat at the Gongguan night market, but a good rendition.

I also was fascinated by the guy making the oyster omelettes and was mesmerized at the assembly line production while I was waiting for my order. Imagine the number of eggs he goes through every day.

And no visit to the night market is complete without some shaved ice. Snowflake ice is creamier than the regular shaved ice and this was mango flavored ice paired with fresh mango and condensed milk.

Another thing to look for is a stall selling tapoica balls with red beans stuffed inside with shaved ice topped with honey and condensed milk. It was too crowded for me to get on this night, but I loved it when I tried it at their other location, in the food court at the Luna Plaza mall.

Wander around, explore and eat until you can't eat anymore.


Unknown said...

If this is the kind of night market I would been, I will definitely go often until I stop craving for these foods. Nice pictures and it really makes me hungry. Better to bookmark your blog for further delicious foods in the night market. Hahaha. Thanks

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April said...

We visited the night market in Luodong when we were there in 2008 to adopt our daughter. The xue hua bing was our favoite. We'd never been to a night market before- it was definitely an experience! I can't wait to go back!

Beef No Guy said...

Scallion pancakes made with scallions/leeks (gigantic) from Yilan are a local specialty, I'd imagine Luodong night market will have some very good ones there. The version of Yilang scallion pancake I had from a vendor in Gonguan Night Market was OK in comparison, not stellar.

Diane said...

Night markets are amazing. They have such a special atmosphere. Everything is tastier and more exciting in the night lights!

joanh said...

Leila- night markets are amazing!! thanks for bookmarking my blog!

april- love xue hua bing! hope you are able to bring your daughter back someday. thanks for still reading and for commenting!!

beef no guy- yes, super long lines for them and ate one but wasn't my fave.

diane- totally! don't go to them often enough. thanks for commenting!

Pandalicious said...

those oyster omelettes look soooo delish!! i love night markets. not just for the food, but all the little random stuff you can get for cheap.

Maeri Ann said...

I went there twice...i visited the place and i can't stop drooling..

awesome post ^^