Monday, October 17, 2011


A trip to LA is not complete without the "food truck experience." It's so LA that there's even a reality show about it now. The best is when you get a bunch of them in one spot so you can pick and choose, kind of like a food truck food court, or a night market on wheels (hey, Taiwanese night market food truck, anyone?). It's not just about Korean fusion tacos anymore- everyone with an idea seems to have gotten into the action. I even spotted the spiraled potato chips on the stick that I've seen forever ago at the Taiwanese night market on a LA food truck- for US$7!

My favorites this summer?


Lobster rolls for $12, filled with tender chunks bathed in mayo or butter (or both!) and a buttered up, warm, toasted roll. Can't go wrong. Get 2 if you're really hungry or a crab roll, since they take credit cards!


Shaved ices the size of a puppy dog- these were seriously huge and melted faster than we could eat it. With a scoop of vanilla ice cream at the bottom, you could suck up the sugar water from the rainbow shaved ice like a float, or scoop up the ice up top.


I know the Ludo Truck is famous for the fried chicken (wings or balls, your pick), but what I really love is the honey lavender biscuits. They are seriously addictive. While the chicken is not cheap (3 pieces for $9), it's cheaper and easier to get than a Ludobites dinner. I made my own chicken and waffles combo by getting the chicken from Ludo Truck and the waffles from 


Liege waffles ($4.50) are made with pearl sugar which carmelizes when they are made, so you get a crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, sweet waffle that doesn't really need additional sauces or ice cream that are also offered. The wait for these took longer than Ludo Truck, but once you try these waffles, you might not be able to eat any other kind.


Chicken tikka masala is my favorite kind of curry and India Jones served it perfectly sweet and creamy with tender chicken and basmati rice. They also serve frankies and paratha, (rotis rolled up with meat or vegetables). I am drooling looking at this picture and might have to go eat some Indian food tomorrow.

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Carrera said...

Love reading your blog ;) all of the food pictures looks really good ;) keep it up

One More Bite Blog said...

Love Lobsta, Ludo & Liege! If you get a chance next time you're in town, the Buttermilk Truck, Coolhaus (balsamic fig / pistachio truffle ice creams) and Lake St Creamery (Don Draper ice cream w/ Bourbon & 'smoke'!) are great as well ;)

Johnny said...

I wish I knew about the LobstaTruck when I went back to LA in the summer...(T ^ T)

joanh said...

yxy: thank you!! thanks for your comment and for reading!

one more bite: mm, those all sound so good! thanks for recommending!

johnny: haha, next year! wish there was a lobstatruck in taipei!

jade said...

Enough with the chit chat, let get to the pics!! Food Truck Catering In Los Angeles