Wednesday, November 23, 2011

american/revisited: i still strongly recommend LAWRYS

No. 105 Song Ren Rd, B1

MRT: Taipei City Hall


hours: Lunch M-F 11:30 AM -2:30 PM / Sat, Sun and Holidays 11 AM -3PM
Dinner Sun-Thurs 5:30 PM - 10 PM / Fri, Sat, and Holiday eve 5:30-11PM


Kid friendliness: high chairs and kids sets available

visit reviewed: 11/13/2011 (all photos from iphone 4g)
previous visit reviewed: 11/2007

Last year, Lawry's moved from its location at the cavernous Living Core Mall (the one that looks like a giant ball) to the basement of a office building across from Neo 19. I was excited to see it move to a location closer to me because I love prime rib and I wouldn't have to navigate the confusing elevators and stairs to its previous location.


The current location's entrance is through the back of the odd looking office building, down the stairs. 

Everything is the same, from the spinning salad with buttery croutons and tiny slivers of beet, served with cold forks to the tableside carving of your prime rib. This year will be Lawry's ninth year in Taipei.

In Taiwan, when they ask how well done you want your meat, it's on a scale of 1-10, with 5 being medium and 10 being well done. My prime rib was a 3, or medium rare.

This was a Lawry's cut, (NT$1750) but they said it was a little bigger since there was a fatty tendon in the middle. Or maybe it was because the chef could tell I was very hungry. The next time I would ask for less au jus, or for it on the side, because it was kind of salty. And I love Lawry's creamed corn, (NT$360) even though I know it's just sugar and heavy cream and overpriced. Have to order it here.

On the most recent visit, they also served warm french bread rolls which were much tastier than the slices of room temperature bread they used to serve. I was tempted to ask for another basket and smuggle it home.

I always find it amusing that every other person is celebrating their birthday or anniversary at Lawry's. I think it's because they ask you when you make the reservation, "are you celebrating a birthday or annivesary?" and you probably get a free dessert. So you hear happy birthday being sung every ten minutes during your dinner to the tables where heart shaped balloons are floating. Or maybe I'm cynical and it really is those people's birthdays and they love Lawry's prime rib too. 

For lunch, they also offer a Taipei cut, which is smaller and cheaper than the California cut, which amuses me for some reason, as well as prime rib sandwich and hamburger. They also offer a to-go basket for Thanksgiving which I tried last year and had some good turkey.

Can't believe Thanksgiving is TOMORROW already!!! Where is everyone doing Thanksgiving this year in Taipei?


Anonymous said...

probably going to do dan ryan's tonight. have been too busy to cook anything for t-day.

joanh said...

food solutions: thanks!

anonymous: i've never had Dan Ryan's thanksgiving.. how is it?