Friday, November 07, 2008

japanese: KIKUGAWA

No. 259, Chang An East Road, Sec 2
(02) 2740-3151

website: Chinese only

hours: 11:30 AM - 3:30 PM; 5:30 PM - 10 PM

$$- $$$

Kid friendliness: high chairs and private rooms available

Visit reviewed: 6-11-2007

It was one of those dinners where everything was a blur. Good food and good company- lots of conversation and eating, with pauses only to take pictures. Kikugawa is another one of those modernly styled Japanese restaurants with fresh sashimi and sushi and differently priced set menus served with style that are great for special occasions.

It was awhile ago and I didn't take a lot of notes, so you'll just have to enjoy the pictures. While my impression was that I liked the sashimi and nigiris, it still didn't beat Sumie at San Want Hotel off of my list of top Japanese restaurants. I also didn't pay the bill, but I think this range of dinner was over $1500/person.

The california rolls were not as great.

Lots of great seafood like the abalone salad, as well as other options like grilled whole fish.

The most memorable dish of the night was the fried durian. For those of you that have never endured the smell of durian, count yourself lucky! My mom used to buy it in the states, and even frozen it still had a stench that all of us would immediately recognize and stay away. It's a tropical fruit in a huge spiky shell and it looks like a fleshy yellow organ inside. I took a tiny bite of the fried durian (which didn't smell as strong), but could still not appreciate the flavor. My mom was happy though.

For those less adventurous, there's still options like stir fried udon, steak and tempura to keep everyone in the family happy.

And of course to end the meal, a mochi-fied dessert and some fresh lychees.

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Anonymous said...

Durians was brought to work by co workers and everybody thought there were a gas leak in the building me too. Never again she will do it. I try it and still can't get use to taste and smell.

Known by many as smelly fruit and is banned in many places. Should be eaten at home only.

Anonymous said...

Well, I can say it not my kind of food or fruit (Durian). Told friend who is very nice please not in front of me due to smell and taste not for me.

I really try eating it and got sick from smell too. No way ever again to durians.


Anonymous said...

HB, of try to tell bloggers durian taste good but I have say to NO. He will never know people not from southeast asia will not able to get use to smell and taste of it.

Never grew up eating it maybe or maybe not like it at all.



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