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Saturday, November 22, 2008

dessert/bakery: i strongly recommend BLACK AS CHOCOLATE

No. 50, Fuxing S. Road, Sec 1
(02) 2796-5133

website: English and Chinese options

hours: 11 AM - 10 PM, Fri/Sat 11 AM - 11 PM


Visit reviewed: 8/12/2008

ED NOTE 10/2010: After ordering and eating the original flavor cake multiple times this year, I've upgraded Black as Chocolate to a "Strongly Recommend" especially in comparison to trying Awfully Chocolate and other cakes in Taipei.

Chocolate cake in a beautiful package- it's an easy thing to give and an easy thing to receive.

But is it easy to buy? Black as Chocolate doesn't even display their cakes.

In fact, it's hard to tell what they are selling unless you know what they are selling. Their entire BaDe Road store of white walls and black writing is filled with a huge artwork and balloons on the ground, and a lone display of chocolate ice cream.

You have to flip through a book of pictures to decide which chocolate cake you want to buy, and some might be sold out for that day (like the chocolate cheese cake we wanted). I would have never even known about this store unless my friend told me and she said I had to try it. We decided we would be split the cost and split the guilt by getting a classic chocolate cake.

The packaging is definitely interesting- from the drawn instructions of how to unpack and present your cake to the packaging of the spoons and forks.

I guess it continues on the themes of black and white, good vs evil, sinful vs angelic... Though the white spoon looks adorned with angel wings, the tiny box states its real identity is "devil's fork." (while the devil's fork is black and looks like pitchfork) Does it make sense? Not really, but it depends on if you're a sucker for packaging, or you just want to eat cake!

The cake is equally a sight to see... We finally get to see it after unboxing it and not getting to see it in the store.

My friend said that the cake seemed to have gotten both smaller and more expensive (NT$750-980 for 6' inch), but so we made sure to take our time while devouring our slices.

It wasn't overpoweringly sweet, but will definitely hit any chocolate cravings. Black as Chocolate also has some more unusual flavors- such as Mango & Passion Fruit chocolate cake or Caramel Banana Chocolate Cake or Black Currant and Strawberry chocolate cake- with about 7 different cakes to choose from (there's lots of tantalizing pictures on their site). If you want a specific type of cake, call ahead and order it to make sure they hold it for the day you need it.

I think I might have to order the Chocolate Cheese Cake or Chocolate Raspberry Tart after looking at these pictures. Available online are also 3.5 inch mini cakes (NT$350) and chocolate dipped strawberries (NT$430 for 6).

Whether you choose the cake from Pozzo or here, splurge on your hungry girl with a sweet surprise since she probably can't bear to pay these prices for herself. Besides, after she oohs and aahs and unwraps it, you can eat some too!


Songshan shop
No. 123, BaDe Road, Sec 4

Jhongshan shop
No. 247, Lin Sheng N. Road

Eslite XinYi shop
No. 11, Song Gao Road, B2

Tienmu shop
No. 15, Lane 38, Tian Yu Street

Neihu shop
No. 282 Rui Guang Road

new shop spotted at Vieshow Cinemas Foodcourt


Sera said...

ohhhh my goddddd

myshittylunch said...

great blog! im going to taiwan for the first time with my roomate and his GF this december!

They studied abroad there and go back annually so they know there way around the city somewhat well. Do you have any MUST EATS over there?



alicesg said...

Yummy, I have sweet tooth. But my dentist dont allow me to eat so much sweet

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Hungry Girl. That chocolate cake looks like the perfect dessert to munch and nibble on at New Year's.

joanh said...

sera: :)

myshittylunch: thanks! lots of must eats depending on who you ask- but i'd probably recommend Shih Lin night market, Din Tai Fung (or their fav xiao long bao place), Tai Yi Shaved ice, Beef Noodle Soup (I like Shan Xi Dao Xiao Mien) or you can go to Breeze Main Station and try any at the Beef Noodle soup food court, Ah Chung Noodle soup at Hsi Men Ding, Shin Yeh...what kind of food are you looking for?

alicesg: hahaha. just brush and floss afterwards!

anonymous: cool! planning new year's already? :)

Roger said...

Hmm I've honestly never had an American style choco-cake in Taiwan before. As a recovering chocolate cake addict, I'm (naturally) really interested in its consistency/sweetness/flavor.

I take it that "It wasn't overpoweringly sweet" means this is less sweet in comparison with what we find in the States? I'd love a nice thick chococake that isn't a sugar-bomb. Can't find many of 'em here.

Unknown said...

Excellent marketing strategy!

Unknown said...

I walked in to the Fuxing branch and got the worst attitude from the girl behind the ice cream counter... Didn't even stay long enough to know they had cakes...

Anonymous said...

Have to say, the cake look nicer than what it taste.
Try awfully chocolate ( a singaporean franchise all over Asia) , they also have a simple display and only sale the whole cake, not in slices.

Ann said...

I love your blog, I just heard about this place from my brother in Taiwan, it's kind of funny how their website is kind of the same, you don't really get a sense of what they're selling when you first look at it, I thought it was a pop star's website at first glance. (which now makes sense after I did a little research and found out she was a signer) Off to check out the rest of your blog!

Anonymous said...

I think they have the best chocolate cakes in town, tried their hazelnut chocolate cake and chocolate cheese cake , loved loved them!! Thanks for this recommendation !! Definitely worth the splurge ;)

Anonymous said...

I think they have the best chocolate cakes in town, tried their hazelnut chocolate cake and chocolate cheese cake , loved loved them!! Thanks for this recommendation !! Definitely worth the splurge ;)

stella said...

Dear Hungry Girl,

Thanks for the recommendation, I am from Japan and i tried Black as Chocolate's cakes.. They are fabulous!. From their cake bags to cake box packaging to their mouth watering cakes, everything is so detailed and exquisite !.. i am bringing some back for my friends in Japan!!.. Definitely one of the Must Trys in Taipei!!
Love their classic dark chocolate cake, rich yet not too sweet.. perfect for me!!


Anonymous said...

Ooooohhh loved your recommendation ! Their chocolate cakes are simply The best !! Not too sweet , but yet so full of dark chocolate goodness! So sublime !!! I also love their packaging, so great for gifts !
I have recently tried their Nama chocolate , the earl grey tea flavor ! I strongly recommend that flavor ! It's the best Nama chocolate I have ever tried ! And I also lurve their chocolate ice creams !!! Arghhhh too much that i wanna eat ! hungry!

Xoxo ,