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Sunday, November 16, 2008


I miss it every year, but yesterday I passed by the 2008 Beef Noodle Soup festival in a taxi and didn't have time to stop! I'm going to try and go today, but it depends on if I can squeeze it in before some family commitments.

But if you are reading my blog today (Sunday, Nov 16th), be sure to wander over to the area in front of Taipei City Hall (at the end of Ren Ai Road, not too far from 101) for the last day of the festival and sample some of the competitors for Best Beef Noodle Soup in the city. Maybe your own personal favorite won't be on the list. But it's one stop shop to check out all the recent favorites.

I'm not sure how it works - so if anyone who has been before can share how it works- entry fee and free samples? Or buy by the bowl?

Both the Chinese and English versions of the busy website are a bit hard to navigate, but check them out for more info.

Here is a better article about beef noodle soups in Taipei.


Lisa Wang said...

YUM YUM . . when i was at Shi Da the second place winner of the festival was near school so i would go a lot. i miss taiwan food so much!! i'm on my way to ramen ya right now to satisfy the craving your last blog created. haha.

Anonymous said...

I went last year when it was in a hard to find location off Bade, and this morning to the much easier to find location. This year seemed to have more on offer - but more crowded since it was all under tents. Each bowl is 50 NT and you buy tickets at the side booths then spend your paper ticket money at any stall you'd like. A lot of places have free samples of other things (dried meat, dried fruit, drinks, etc). It's best to go with friends and split up and buy a bunch of bowls. Then you can do side by side taste tests and see what you really like. I found this easier to understand English explanation website:

Anonymous said...

omg! I hope you did have a chance to go! Taiwanese beef noodle soups are divine and hard to come by (outside Taiwan).

Anonymous said...

1 of these days, I hope to make it to this festival...

Even the best versions in LA don't quite match what's out in Taipei:

thanks for the reminder!