Thursday, August 10, 2006

dessert: i strongly recommend JOYCE EAST

128 Xin Yi Road
(02) 8789-6128


Instead of the afternoon tea set, we opted to each have a souffle and a drink. I had a chocolate souffle and an ice mocha. I think my first and only souffle experiences have been at Joyce East.

The souffles are available in your choice of chocolate, vanilla, Grand Marnier or green tea, with complementary sauces on the side. They also take about 30 minutes to bake, so we had time to chat and catch up in the typhoon weather. If you want to order it during dinner, you should let them know in advance, so they can time it to arrive after your meal.

Light and airy. Barely crispy top dusted with powdered sugar and a mushy inside to dip in the rich sauce. The first dip of the spoon breaking into fragile pillow of a

Decadent. Delicious. Totally worth the calories bite.

Joyce East is also a very modern place to have afternoon tea. With lots of light and windows, the clean white linens pop against the purple lights against the far wall where they have sofas and a lounge area where people can enjoy drinks. While I find their other desserts pretty average (especially the ones that come with the set course), it's worth going there just for the souffle alone. I alternate favoring the chocolate and vanilla, and haven't ventured to try the other flavors yet. Someday.

Oh yeah, they also serve food...


Anonymous said...

it's pretentious and snobby. if you like places where they bring you the bill before you re finished then you have find your home. also they want you to believe that they are looking after your health by offering only French or Japanese mineral water. what's wrong with taiwanese?

joanh said...

anonymous: that sucks that you didn't have a good time there. the attitude can be on the frou frou side, but the souffle is SO good.