Saturday, August 12, 2006

my kitchen: breakfast sandwich

The simple pleasures in life, like making your own breakfast sandwich, sometimes makes me so happy! This day, I (1) toasted an English muffin (2) grilled up some sausage slices and sliced mushroom without oil (3) placed on sandwich with a slice of colby jack cheese and (4) topped with an egg cooked over medium.


A little healthier version of the Mcmuffin.


Anonymous said...

I've just caught up to all the 'Joan's Kitchen' entries. These look good!! I love breakfast sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

I love melted cheese on sandwiches and medium cooked eggs too, especially when the egg yolk oozes out!

Baby Madison said...

where can you buy english muffins in taipei?

joanh said...

tt: thanks!

simcooks.. yes, so good!

baby madison: that was from LA! there must be a place you can get it in Taipei! i'll ask around!