Saturday, August 12, 2006

CLOSED! japanese/ bbq grill: i recommend BULLFIGHT YAKINIKU

98, Chung Hsiao E. Road, Sec. 4
Bistro 98 building, 8th FL
(02) 6638-9699

Weekdays 11 am-midnight
Weekends 11-2 am


visit reviewed: 5/26/2006

Yakiniku. BBQ grill. All you can eat. Lots of meat.

This is pretty much the deal at Bullfight where which was a packed house the night we went. You decide which level of all-you-can-eat you want (which varies by additional meats, seafood, extras) at NT$399- $499, and then order away. The servers bring you plates of slices of raw beef, pork, chicken and even lamb, as well as scallops, shrimp, fish and mushrooms, and then you grill until your stomach's content.

You can also order salad (which was actually quite tasty and topped with corn) and a korean stone bowl of bimbimbap.

I'm sure you could probably find a yakiniku/grill place in almost every street in Taipei, so why this one? It's quite clean and comfortable, with good ventilation so you won't come out completely smelling like smoke. It's easy to find, located on the busy street near Sogo in the tall Bistro 98 building. There's even a view if you sit near the window.

But the food is good- there's a lot to choose from (especially if you get the $499 option) and it's fresh and not tough.

I would recommend that you call ahead and get a reservation if you want to go. Oftentimes, when it's packed, people will stay a few hours, if not all night, occupying the tables. But if you're the one sitting down, then you don't have to worry about anyone rushing you away.

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WOW, those chops look greeeeeeaaaat!