Monday, October 02, 2006

vietnamese: i don't recommend PHO

at Eslite XinYi Mall foodcourt, B2
11, SongGao Road

10 am-10 pm (B2/ B1/ 1F/ 5F/ 6F)

visit reviewed: 5/31/2006

It was Chinese rice noodle masquering as pho- perhaps they think that the Taiwanese palate won't know the difference? Soggy and bland- I was extremely disappointed after thinking that this location would offer a new Vietnamese go to spot in Taipei. The soup didn't even taste anywhere close to the depth and flavor of the pho broth I've come to love. We ordered a family special to go- which include 2 appetizers, 2 main dishes, desserts and drinks. Even the non-pho options were sorely lacking, the chicken over rice was utterly forgettable and the fried spring rolls were greasy and bit stale. They didn't even have the rice paper spring rolls that I had been craving and searching for.

You might spot the bright green PHO sign along the wall of the basement of the Eslite Xin Yi food court and think that it's worth a try. Unless it's vastly changed since I've had it five months ago, it's not.


Miss Tiffie said...

those don't even look like the real pho noodles... too bad :( the soup looks tasty

joanh said...

i know! i was really sad when i ate it.. but luckily i found another place that makes REAL pho. thanks for commenting!

Syl No said...

I advice you to go to this PHO: 越南美食館 No.132, Fúhuá Road, Shihlin District, Taipei City