Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CLOSED! brunch/western: L'IDIOT brunch

CLOSED spring 2013

No. 156, Minsheng E Rd Sec 3
(02) 2545-6966


hours: saturday/sunday: 10:30AM to 5:00PM (brunch available weekends only)


Kid friendliness: high chairs available.

Visit reviewed: 4/25/2009
Last review: regular lunch on 10/28/2008

On paper, L'Idiot is a great addition to the growing brunch scene in Taipei. But after my latest visit to L'Idiot, I could see why the Diner has packed two locations and L'Idiot slowly fills until 1PM when it's mostly full. Not only do you get more bang for your buck at the Diner, but maybe brunch here at L'Idiot is a bit overly refined, rather than down home comfort food.

This is my fourth or fifth visit (lost count) to L'Idiot's weekend only brunch, but my first time posting, only because each time I never managed to get pictures. And unfortunately, I think this latest visit is my least impressive.

First- I ordered the mushroom and onion omelette (NT$300). But as I dug in, I noticed there wasn't any cheese. Zero. And what is an omelette without cheese?

I had a faint recollection that the last time I had ordered an omelette there had been plenty of cheese. So I waved down the waiter and asked- she said only I must have ordered their ONE omelette with cheese last time (the classic French omelette, I think). The three other omelettes didn't include cheese.

I wish the menu note it somehow, or the waiter could- since for me, the reason I order an omelette is for the cheese- so cheese lovers could request that it be added. Otherwise, I'd get poached eggs or something. And as silky and perfect looking as the omelette was, I personally prefer homemade-style omelettes. Egg without any milk or cream added in, as this one seemed to have.

The French Toast that came to the table was cool- lukewarm at best. Do you see how the cinnamon butter isn't nearly melting on the surface of the french toast? We asked to have it reheated, which they did, but it came back piping hot like maybe it was microwaved, and soggy soft to the point of no repair.

If you're really hungry, you can get the Super Deluxe, which is a good amount of food, but still a bit pricey for what you're getting at NT$620. Eggs, bacon, sausage, orange juice, tea or coffee, half a ham and grilled cheese sandwich, soup and salad and a dessert. Maybe if the dessert was more drool worthy and they dropped a couple hundred NT off the price.

My favorite was probably the beef and egg breakfast burrito (NT$380), which was the first time I spotted it on the menu. I liked the flavors of the steak and mild spiciness of the salsa in the wrap, but it would have been perfect if there was more meat and a dash of guacamole, especially for the price.

Of course, part of the higher prices you are paying for is the ambience, and the touches like complimentary ricotta bread appetizer and goody bag of cookies when you leave.

I've also had the crabcakes egg's benedict in the past, and found it a bit mushy. The crabcakes were not crispy, nor were the english muffins toasted, so with the poached eggs, there was no satisfying contrast in textures. The cheeseburger with egg is not bad, but I disliked the overly bready and soft bun. I'd also avoid the chicken pot pie, which doesn't come with a baked crust, but a biscuit on the side instead- my friends and I tasted it and no one wanted seconds.

My relatives (and maybe yours) preferred pasta dishes over a Western brunch and I had a taste and it's still good - seafood orechetta pasta and mushroom ravioli. We still love the lemon argula salad.

So if you don't want to wait in line at the other brunch spots around town, then make your reservations at L'Idiot, especially if you have larger groups. L'Idiot is more spacious and comfortable for larger groups, and nicer atmosphere and presentation if you need to impress the relatives. While I still like the regular menu at L'Idiot, the brunch needs a few tweaks to be equally droolworthy.

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Diaz Howard said...

Hello Thanks for sharing.

I find something interesting as well:

dennis said...

sorry but i cant help not mentioning the 'idiot' in its name :P

EatTravelEat said...

The food is expensive and looks expensive too...nice plating on simple plates. I've never been to a restaurant that gave you a bag of cookies wrapped in plastic for dessert! Yes for paper bag, but not plastic bag.

I wonder why they made the name that way...

Peech said...

The name comes from the movie L.A. Stories. It's a snooty restaurant in the movie and the owners are making fun of it...

joanh said...

diaz howard: uhh. thanks?

dennis: haha. yeah.. it was something very weird at first, but i'm used to it now!

eattraveleat: hahah. the cookies were good too! Peech is right, they were inspired by the move LA STORY where there's a restaurant called L'Idiot in it.,,313282,00.html

peech: yes! thanks for helping explain and thanks for the link!

feantir said...

Ha, sorry to say that but there is no cheese in the french traditionnal omelette. Of course, we can add some (most of the time "emental"), but the most traditionnal way of cooking omelette is with eggs and very few french spices. An we eat it with different kind of potates.

Raaaaah, french food is never what we would like! :P

will said...

What L'Idiot decided that was a good name for a restaurant? Maybe someone who thinks L'Tasteslikecrap also works. =)

Anonymous said...

I love Idiot lunches: very good, nicer than the brunch (less greasy) and good value for the money (the cheapest menu with 3 dishes is less than 500 NTD).

We have been disappointed a couple of times because they only have two high chairs (and we need two:). So, if you plan to ´come with the children, better reserve the chairs.
- Emma

Anonymous said...

Greasy cheese in omelets? No thanks, I prefer no cheese in omelets. Hungry girl get a clue man.