Friday, May 15, 2009

snack: i recommend SWEET POTATO CHIPS from Mitsukoshi A8

at Shinkong Mitsukoshi, A8, 5th FL


Kid friendliness: probably slightly healthier than the other snacks at the counter.. barely.

Visit reviewed: 4/18/2009

Hard to tell from this picture what this is, but if you are into either sweet potatoes or sweet potato chips, you gotta try these. Randomly stumbled upon them in a glass case at the snack counter on the kids' floor at Mitsukoshi while shopping for a gift.

For NT$50, you'll get a HUGE brown paper lunchsack sized bag of warm, slightly sugared sweet potato chips that you'll be crunching away until you have a stomachache... unless you have more self control than I do.


Anonymous said...

oooo fresh chips are the best

Anonymous said...

Which Misukoshi is that?

Don't forget to go visit the new SOGO that OPENED TODAY! heck. Please post pics and recommendations, thanks!