Sunday, May 17, 2009

news: making a list, checking it twice

I'm a procrastinator... the one who didn't start typing up her paper until the night before it was due. So I'm sort of amazed, sort of proud of myself that I've been able to keep a relatively steady stream of posts through the years without any official deadlines. So in hopes of catching up to "real time" posts, here is a declaration and list of restaurants that I need to write up.

Lots of pictures, not enough words yet:

-Good Day at Xin Yi Mitsukoshi
-G-woo chicken soup (to be translated)
-Primo Trattoria
-Tong Hua night market
-Saffron Indian Restaurant
-Yogurt Art
-Da Fang Teppanyaki
-L'Idiot brunch
-Big Tom's Ice Cream (revisited)
-Chef Showtime
-TSC in Banqiao
-Vietnamese pho shop (to be translated)
-Shabu shabu shop (to be translated)
-VVG Bistro brunch (revisited)
-28 Studio private kitchen
-Ding Won mala hotpot (not Tripod King)
-Chia Chia Steak
-Parents Restaurant
-El Gallo
-Omelete to Go
-Indochine at Dun Hua Eslite food court
-Ao Ba
-Toscana at Sherwood Hotel
-Shanghai Shanghai
-Pasta West East

Some have been sitting as drafts in my blogspot for years! So if you see any that you want to read about, let me know and I'll move it up to the front of the line. :) And if you want more instant gratification, then take a look at Twitter since I've been using Twitpic more often to take random food pics.


Anonymous said...

i would love to read about toscana at sherwood hotel! thanks!

EatTravelEat said...

The 28 Studio private kitchen and the Parents Restaurant sound very interesting to me here!

I also have a backlog, but with not as much things as you do. I too also have lots of pictures but it depends on my mood whether to write about something now or later!

Anonymous said...

All sound so good!
Da Fang Teppanyaki sounds interesting; can't wait to read that!

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to get to El Gallo for months. I would love to see a writeup!

Random Guy said...

I'm on of the other guys at YoFroYo, I heard you dropped in the other day. We wanna know what you think! too sweet, too tart, just right.. etc. A full write up would be greatly appreciated :)

joanh said...

dessertobsessed: okay!

eattraveleat: ok! hehe.. yeah. i know what you mean

xxdemonicangelxx: cool! thanks!

anonymous: ok! man, it's been so long since i ate there.. i'll do my best.

random guy: it's posted now!

Maya Bery said...

I just want to say thank you for your extensive list - it was a happy day when I visited from Kaohsiung and you lead me first to Ali's Kitchen for Indian food and then gave me the correct spelling of Grandma Nitti's and helped lead me to El Gallo.

I ate at El Gallo this weekend on my most recent trip up to Taipei and am planning on reviewing my experience, but I'm very interested to hear what you have to say!