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Monday, May 25, 2009

revisited/dessert: i strongly recommend BIG TOM's ICE CREAM

No.505, Ren-ai Rd., Sec. 4
(02) 2345-4213



Kid friendliness: areas to lounge. friendly free samples.

Visit reviewed: 4/27/2009
Previous review: 11/16/2008

If you're jonesing for a good waffle, you should definitely give Big Tom's a shot... though it'll be covered with three scoops of ice cream and you'll more likely have it for afternoon tea than for breakfast.

And the SYS Memorial Hall location is perfect for a leisurely afternoon tea. The outside seating overlooks the lake and the SYS Memorial Hall.

If it's too hot or too many smokers, you can lounge in the cow-themed, homey cafe inside.

You might pass by it a number of times without seeing it. It's a bit hidden by the greenery, but it's across the McDonald's on Kuang Fu, to the right of the entrance to the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall.

My favorite is still the peanut butter, but all the flavors are I've tried are pretty awesome. Creamy, sweet, but not overly so. While it's not as exotic as Snow King Ice Cream, it's still a perfect place for those looking for something other than Haagen Daaz or Coldstone.

But the waffle is goood... and you know how I love waffles! And ice cream!

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Other locations:

No.233-2, Jhongjheng Rd., 2 FL

Tien Mu shop
No.1, Lane 63, Sec. 7, Jhongshan N. Rd.

Songshan Shop
No.219, Sec. 2, Chang-an E. Rd.

Taipei 101

Yijhong, Taichung
No.221, Yijhong St.

Gongyi, Taichung
No.276, Gongyi Rd.

Kending, Pingtung
No.12, Kending Rd.


Jean said...

I tried the Obama flavor and it was pretty tasty! Plus sitting outside is SO pretty. Def recommend that!

CHOMP! said...

I really like your blog! It showed me lots of places I've never been to in Taipei before. I usually try to visit TW once a year. I tried a couple of your recommendations and they were all great! Including Big Tom. Thanks~

I also mentioned it in my own food blog :) It's similar to yours except it's mainly for Dallas, TX in the US.

Ginny said...

Although the thickest ice cream I have ever had, it was really tasty!

joanh said...

jean: definitely the outdoor seating is unique for taipei! especially when the weather is good

chomp!: thanks for commenting! i'm glad the blog helped you find places for your visit!

ginny: i guess it is on the thick side, but i think haagen daaz here is also on the thick side. thanks for commenting!