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Saturday, July 04, 2009

my friend's kitchen: july 4th bbq in taipei

Happy 4th of July! This year was the first time I ever celebrated July 4th in Taipei, much less with a full on bbq on a grassy lawn! Much thanks to my friends J and A for inviting me over and making all the rib fingers and grilled pineapple chicken sooo delicious! Grilled bbq corn, potato salad, cornbread and then fruit and brownies (my small contribution) for dessert.

Yum! I'm totally going to start grilling up some pineapples now on my George Foreman grill (he he) and buying the Stubb's bbq sauce from Costco.

What are you guys eating on your 4th? And does anyone know where to get sparklers in Taipei?


dennis said...

zomg george foreman grill!

Carrie said...

Happy July 4th! We spent our weekend at a cabin party in Miaoli with the Bushman. We had an old-fashioned dutch oven (roasted chicken and veg.) and grill (hubby's incredible burgers. We weren't able to find sparklers either, although I've seen them around. :-)

It's always a pleasure to drop by, Joan. You've never steered us wrong. Thanks very much for sharing!

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