Monday, May 25, 2015

afternoon tea/dessert: MOCKTAIL TEA

at ATT4Fun
No. 12, Songshou Road, 4F
(02) 7745-2168

MRT: Taipei 101


hours: 11AM- 10PM


Kid friendliness: kids will want try the soft serve boba mocktails, but glassware not too kid friendly. probably can ask for extra bowls for sharing.

Visit reviewed: 4/29/2015

Afternoon tea, Taipei style. There's no shortage of dessert/ boba milk tea places in Taipei, let alone at ATT4Fun, where the whole fourth floor is a collection of cafes and dessert shops. Recently on my dessert crawl with Kirbie's Cravings, visiting from San Diego, we stopped at Mocktail Tea. Mocktail has that annoying 1 drink minimum per person, but if you are doing afternoon tea, then it's the price to pay for an air conditioned place to chill for 90 minutes.

The signature and most visually striking "drink" is actually a dessert served in a cocktail glass, the signature Pearl Milk Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream (NT$160) so you can see the layers of oolong tea tie guang ying jelly, boba, soft serve and milk tea. It's not even served with a straw- instead it's served with a spoon that doesn't quite easily scoop up through the smaller rimmed opening of the glass. The separate elements aren't too memorable tastewise, but the presentation is key.

There's also fruity teas and sparkling drinks, with flavors like passionfruit and lemon or an odd iced tomato honey tea (I couldn't imagine the taste and didn't give it a try, but the waiter said it's popular). Drinks marked with the crown are house specialties.

There's light cafe fare- quiche and soupy rice dishes- in case you're looking for something savory.

I ended up ordering the iced lemon matcha (NT$140) and I quite liked it. It was frothy from being freshly shaken and stirred, and the matcha worked well with the lemon and sweetness.

The tie guang ying soft serve ice cream NT$130 is easier to eat, served in an open glass and is the same as the pearl milk tea mocktail except it doesn't have the tapioca pearls. 

Personally, I'd prefer the classic Chun Shui Tang at Mitsukoshi A9 for a tall glass of boba milk tea (and fried radish cakes) or Ice Monster for bubble milk tea shaved ice and a side of gooey chewy boba, but Mocktail is less crowded and piles the soft serve ice cream inside, like a Taiwanese root beer float. 


EatTravelEat said...

Liking the idea of tea-flavored soft-serve and jelly-must have tasted great. That's a lot of pearls in the pearl milk tea on the far right in the last photo though!

joanh said...

@eatTraveleat- the jelly was really hard to scoop in the Mocktail glass because the rim was so narrow. i only had a bite, since i was full from lunch, but the tea flavor could have stronger imho

obat darah tinggi said...

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deerseason said...

Hi Joanh, thanks for a great blog! I'm an LA resident and I have a 12 hour overnight layover in Taipei in October and I've been scouring your blog for late night options :)

Question about night markets: I will get into Taipei downtown around 11:30pm on a Tuesday night.

Your reviews say they're open until 2am (I'm thinking Tonghua for central location), but other people claim they're closed by midnight, and some even say the food stalls will close even earlier.

If I arrive at one at 11:30, what kind of food options will I find, and are there any night markets that might be open the latest of all of them?

Thanks and keep it up!

kirbie said...

You are so fast with your photos! I don't even remember you taking so many. I also don't think I realized the coaster had Mocktail imprinted on it. I was a bit disappointed with this place, but glad I got to check it off my list. Thanks again for taking us!