Saturday, May 30, 2015

revisited/middle eastern: I still strongly recommend SABABA PITA BAR

No. 17, Lane 283, Section 3, Roosevelt Rd
(02) 2363-8009

MRT: Taipower Building or Gongguan


hours: 11:30 AM to 9:30PM



Kid friendliness: kids might like chicken pita and french fries or meatballs

Visit reviewed: 5/21/2015
Previous visit reviewed: 6/6/2007

When craving hummus, baklava or pita sandwiches in Taipei, I've always headed to Sababa, tucked behind one of my favorite Taiwanese shaved ice spots Tai Yi Milk King. Everytime I'm in that area, I notice a bunch of cafes and restaurants I want to try. What's great is that since Taida University is across the street, most of the eateries in the neighborhood are priced to be student friendly, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Sababa had kept its portions generous while having very budget friendly prices.

Sababa's menu had expanded a lot more than I had remembered, but it had also been years since I had last eaten there. Besides the popular falafel pita and soulvaki pita sandwiches, egyptian cigars and salads, there were also now Mama's meatballs, roasted Iranian chicken plates and crispy fish fillets (which are only at this branch).

Sababa's space is casual, cozy and can get crowded, but service and food can be fairly quick.

Sababa Pita Bar's menu has starters, salads, plates, pitzas and 11 types of pita sandwiches, with plenty of lamb, chicken, beef, fish and vegetarian options from NT$160-410. Combination plates are a good way to go to try different flavors. 

I strongly recommend getting the Plata Sababa  (NT$260) which has hummus, baba ganoush (mashed roasted eggplant), falafels and hard boiled egg, as well as plenty of pita slices to dip and devour. I ended up also getting the Meatballs pita (NT$220) which turned out to be two half pita sandwiches so you could actually share it, if you wanted to try different things. The meatballs were huge and perfectly sauced with a Arabian spiced tomato sauce, but a tad softer than I would have liked, but still very delicious. (Probably better that they were slightly soft than too hard and overdone). The pita didn't fall apart despite holding the juicy contents, and was perfect with a bit of hummus and cheese. I was definitely ambitious when I ordered this for myself, and packed the leftovers to eat for dinner.

Sababa used to have more locations, but the ones at Taipei Main Station and Yong Kang Street closed down and this location in Gongguan has the largest menu. Sababa Bakery Kitchen branch at Heping has a slightly more limited menu than here, but offers half pitas at NT$75-100 and salads, stuffed pitas, platas, shashuskas and baked pitzas NT$100-210 (link to menu here). Or you can look for their stand at the Gongguan night market with 5 pita sandwiches to choose from for NT$75-95 (although if you want meatballs, you'll have to come to this location). It's definitely worth trying and great to know they've maintained the quality over the years, since it's nearly impossible to find delicious Mediterranean eats in Taipei. I'm getting hungry just looking at the photos and it definitely won't be as long until my next visit. 

Sababa Pita Bakery
No. 9, Alley 54, Lane 118, Heping E. Road, Sec. 2

Gongguan Night Market stand
No. 18, Alley 286, Roosevelt Road, Sec. 3


kucing persia said...

great post and page :)

Miss Emma said...

Absolutely love Sababa. One of my top five Taipei restaurants.

obat ace maxs said...

great post and page :)

obat darah tinggi said...

i like your site :)

Anonymous said...

The cyprus salad is excellent. It is a beautiful cucumber salad dressed in a vinaigrette. As I am not a fan of leafy salads, it is the only salad I currently eat.
The Moroccan Hummus is also an excellent choice. I had it just tonight in fact and it is still delicious as ever.
Egyptian Cigars as well as the G-Pai Pita and the Baklava are also top notch.

joanh said...

@anonymous- yes I like their cigars and baklava as well! I haven't tried the g-pai pita yet but I will soon!

obat darah- thanks!

obat ace- thanks!

library girl- top 5! i can see why! :)

kucing- thanks!

Anonymous said...

Just fyi the owners have changed. The place is now owned and operated by a Taiwanese. The restaurant now closes at 21:30. I'm also under the impression there has been a bit of a drop in quality.