Wednesday, June 01, 2016

chinese/drink: i strongly recommend SOYPRESSO 濃豆乳

SOYPRESSO 二吉軒「濃い豆乳」
No. 6-2, Lane 236, Zhongxiao E. Road, Sec. 5

MRT: Taipei City Hall


Hours: 7AM- 7PM

Kid friendliness: kids might like chocolate milk or sweeter flavors

Visit reviewed: 6/1/2016

Good morning! This morning's new find-- Housemade soy milk, slightly creamier than the kind at breakfast shops. Comes in different flavors- original, sugarless, chocolate, matcha, almond, black sesame. The matcha one tasted like a cold matcha milk! I also liked the almond soy milk and the low sugar versions. Perfect for vegans or lactose intolerant drinkers.. Maybe could also use it as a substitute for recipes that called for milk.

Original shop in Yilan, new shop in Xinyi. You can see them making it in the front of the shop. #soypresso #濃豆乳 (NT$40 small/$90 large)

The shop is cute, with quite visible signage. The steel equipment is at the front of the shop, so you might catch them making the soy milk. Samples of the different flavors are available, but only after we asked. Different kinds of tofu and dessert soy pudding (Taiwanese style and Japanese style) are also available. 

Looks messy, but they hosed off the outside immediately after this photo.. Hi-tech soy milk production..

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love Taiwanese soymilk. Thanks for sharing this!