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Thursday, June 02, 2016

market/vegan: i recommend IVEGAN SUPERMARKET

IVEGAN 愛維根蔬食超市
No. 54 Wanlong Road
(02) 2395-0900

MRT: Wanlong 

hours: 8AM -10PM


Price: $-$$

Visit reviewed: 6/2/2016

WRITING AN ARTICLE ABOUT VEGAN RESTAURANTS in Taipei has opened up a new dimension to Taipei that I never knew existed. Who knew that there was such a thing as a vegan supermarket in Taipei?! And it's huge. A whole basement level floor of fresh vegetables, fruits, packaged goods and frozen foods, IVegan is a curated, one stop shop for anyone looking for vegetarian or vegan goods in Taipei. Some of the items you could spy in your local market, Carrefour or Costco, but the selection here is varied enough that you could end up with a cartful of things even if you were just looking to buy veggies, tofu or household goods.

Opened for three years, iVegan is near the Wanlong MRT stop and not too hard to find from Roosevelt Rd., thanks to huge white and green signage pointing you to the right alley. Once at the entrance, you have to go down the stairs and down the long hallway before you reach the front of the market. There was a off putting smell for me in the hallway, either from the bathroom or durian or chemicals, not sure, but thankfully it was not evident inside the market. 

A huge array of fresh produce and veggies like you would see at most supermarkets is in the front, cheaper than the gourmet markets at Jasons or City Super.

Vegan kimchi, rice cakes, tofu, tofu products 

Fresh coconuts, pineapple and watermelons

Soy milk, sesame soy milk,  brown sugar soy yogurt 

Frozen vegan dumplings, onions rings, French fries 

Edamame, fruit popsicles, vegan ice cream

Vegan Instant noodles and packaged noodles, both chinese and Italian pastas, sauces 

Korean kitchen noodles for vegetarian 

Fruit vinegars, organic apple juice 

Frozen roti paratha, frozen vegan bacon, lots of mock meat like vegan bacon aka fakon

This fridge has some of the vegan dairy substitutes that I saw for the first time.. Vegan mayo Vegenaise, Earth Balance's olive oil "butter", Tofutti sour cream, vegan cheese  and coconut oil.  Keep in mind vegan products don't use any eggs, milk or cream.

Egg replacer 

Fresh breads and jams, peanut butter 

Vegan snacks, crackers and cookies

There seemed to be a unique selection of Indian, Thai, Vietnamese too- snacks, curry mixes, biryani mix, rice paper wrappers, satay sauce, chili sauces.  

Even spied a durian snack (shudder!!) and fresh durian. I can stand the smell of stinky tofu, but I cannot stand the smell of durian. 


Rice bran oil, olive oil sprays, grapeseed oil..

Crispy onions 

Vegetarian oyster sauce 


An array of spices in large and smaller sizes - curry, fajita slice, thyme, cinnamon, chili powder - with English and chinese labels and nicely illustrated sketches 

Wasabi pepper salt anyone?

XO sauce 

Even can get bathroom, cleaning and kitchen products here. I even spied a glue gun! 

Veggie "pork floss" made from mushrooms or pumpkin 

Vegan chocolate 

Dried fruits guava, pineapple, mango and even vegan shrimp chips?? Haha 

Whew! So a little look at IVegan, Taipei's vegan supermarket.Did you see anything you have been looking for?


Ozark Cafe said...

This above post is all about the food places near jasper arkansas. I really loved these food items.These are looking too yummy..Thank you too much......

Naomid said...

I love love love Ivegan. Anyone who loves food will find something great here. I once found kimchi king mushrooms, so delicious.

Unknown said...

Much smaller sq footage now, unfortunately. Not as many selection as before. Perhaps because there are two other vegetable markets close by on the ground level.