Thursday, June 11, 2009

my kitchen: homemade bulgogi kimchi tacos

I'm. Too. Busy. Eating.

to give you better looking pictures than these from my iPhone, but trust me, when I say, I now "get it."

Bulgogi + Kimchi + corn tortillas + onion/mushrooms = frickin deliciousness
(made possible by Costco in Taipei and tortillas from LA)

I never made the leap to wait-in-line-for-hours for the all-over-LA Kogi trucks, but once had my sister's cold leftovers which left me unenthusiastic. But having it hot out of the kitchen- it's a weirdly odd satisfying combination that works. The smoky sweetness of the marinated beef mixed with the spicy heat from the pickled cabbage held together by the fragile corn tortillas. I'm sure the imaginative and adventurous have been creating other fusion combos, but the basic one is best.

I already inhaled 4.

Could this work in Taipei? They like the kimchee here, and not so much the cheese, so maybe if I had a little taco truck, I could make some cash on the side?


Sincerely Alej said...

haha! hilarious, did u season the bulgugi urself? lol u should try to sell it to some ppl first and see what happens lol bulgugi tacos for everyone! lol u should sell it to drunk ppl everything tastes good wen ur hungry and they will think of u everytime they get hungry after the disco

Anonymous said...

As they say You Cooking Again? I watch this Korean show and it seem they like to mix their food up in their rice bowls. Not just Bebimbop but just whatever they like to eat. Your taco is like Korean wraps.


Roger. said...


immerever said...

wow.. so creative~

joanh said...

sincerely Alej: nope, I used the Costco bulgogi seasoning.. it would be a great street food! :)

anonymous: hahah.. yeah. that's true!

roger: THANKS!

immerever: thanks! it's actually very popular in LA right now.

EatTravelEat said...

Most definitely! I remember several years ago eating a korean BBQ pita wrap at McDonalds in Hong Kong and it was fab. But they turned it down. Your concept would work very well! I have yet to try Kogis...

Kung Food Panda said...

I'm sure if you open up a business for Korean Taco at say...xi men ding (西門叮), and charge 30NT/taco, I'm sure it'll be a hit.

Kogi is very mediocre, there are a lot more to eat in LA than that truck. It's mainly geared towards the hipsters and the people in West LA and Downtown LA....

joanh said...

eat travel eat: huh! mcdonalds! they'd probably put it on rice here, like mos burger

kungfupanda: lol.. if only i had the time!


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