Friday, June 05, 2009

snapshot: i recommend swedish meatballs at IKEA

at Asia World Shopping Mall
No. 100, Dun Hua N. Road, B1
Song Shan District

MRT: Zhong Shan Middle School or Nanjing E Road (10 minute walk)


hours: Sun-Thur 10 AM - 9:30 PM; Fri/Sat 10 AM - 10 PM


Kid friendliness: bite sized for kid mouths! roomy food court

Visit reviewed: 5/25/2009

Fifteen swedish meatballs and fries (I changed it to mashed potatoes) for NT$139 makes for pretty decent food court food. They give a good gravy and a sweet berry sauce, which combined gives it a sweet and savory flavor. It definitely can't compare to the way Flavors restaurant rocks their meatballs, but you can't beat the price. They also sell frozen swedish meatballs to take home.

Any other good stuff that I missed? I don't like the ice cream or the hot dogs at the downstairs food court. It's not as good as the ice cream in the states.

And on the way to the food court, you can pick up some furniture, dinner ware or frames.

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Tom Carroll said...

You should try out the Ikea breakfast with the bottomless (and for me) endless cup of coffee. The people watching is also great. It's a great place to meet during the week. Too crowded on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

I heard about the Swedish Meatballs there too bad none in the states. Love shopping at IKEA.


keauxgeigh said...

The veggie pasta sauce is one of the most authentic (not Taiwanized) tasting I've found here. When I'm feeling naughty I get 10 meatballs and a plate of pasta - still scoring below NT$200

joanh said...

tom: hehe.. ikea breakfast! thanks

anonymous/lisa: I think the states does have Swedish Meatballs! which state are you in?

keauxgeigh: hahah. :) that sounds like a good meal! have you tried the cinnamon bun? i was tempted but didn't get it.

LG said...

Oh dear, you really must try proper meatballs, the stuff in IKEA is horrible.
They're not at all served the authentic way and they're rubbery and horrible.
You might want to check out although they're of course not as cheap as IKEA.
Being a Swede, I can't stand the stuff in IKEA, but maybe I'm just spoiled :D

LG said...

@ joanh - the cinnamon buns are really dry and tasteless. The only good baked goods to get there is the frozen cakes (or the slices of them in the restaurant) and the frozen bread. They had a localised version of Semlor last year, but there weren't exactly great either imho, but my GF liked them.

Ken said...

I used to think they were really good in the States, but it's probably because the novelty of never having swedish meatballs. I went there to try them today, and I have to agree with Lars-Göran: they were rubbery and dry. I'd like to try Flavors one of these days, but I'm not sure I want to pay a lot just for meatballs, especially since there are so many choices for food in Taipei.