Thursday, June 18, 2009

CLOSED/desserts/bakery: i strongly recommend PATISSERIE LA DOUCEUR

No. 223 JinHua St.
(updating in 2019. sadly closed a few years ago. they had the cutest packaging)


hours: 1PM - 9PM; fri/sat until 10PM


Kid friendliness: small space, but a few couch areas in the back

Visit reviewed: 5/20/2009

Patisserie La Douceur is the perfect place for an afternoon retreat for spoiling your sweet tooth. It is a tiny shop near Yong Kang St that has some of the best pastries I've had anywhere. Bright, airy and sweet- just like a lot of its offerings.

A girlfriend insisted that we stop by when we were in the area and it's bright white sign stood out among the rest of the street. I couldn't help but smile at the adorable drawing of the girl that beckons you inside. There's even a white sculpture of her sitting on the steps outside.

The menu includes coffees, teas, juices and hot chocolate (NT$110-240), but you have to drool at the selection at the counter, which includes large macarons, chocolate cake, vanilla custard and other too-beautiful-to-eat confections.

The handwritten labels are all in Chinese, so I quizzed the counter guy to see which one would suit me best.

I ended up getting the large lemon macaron (NT$130) which was big enough to share a bite with three other friends.

It's airy but very sweet and you can taste the sugar as the macaron melts in your mouth. Similar to a meringue, macarons are made from egg whites, almond powder, icing sugar and sugar. It's almost three times the size of a regular macaron, so it's too sweet to finish on my own.

Be sure you don't miss their signature dessert, the apples and caramel mousse mille-feuille. (NT$135) It's made to order, so there's only a Chinese written sign and illustration in the display case. I would have totally missed it, but this was the dish my girlfriend brought us here for.

We oohed and aahed when it came to our table and gently cut it in four bite sized pieces after taking our pictures. It was like meeting a delicate Parisian cousin to the apple strudel and apple pie. Or if apple dessert was Audrey Hepburn in "Sabrina" and back from Paris, more sophisticated and darling.

Since the mille feuille is made of several layers, everything combines together to take you on a flavor roller coaster. The diced fresh green apples were surprisingly cold. The sweetness of the caramel mousse balanced the slight tartness of the apples. The puff pastry layers crackled when we chewed.

Mmmm. Tastebud heaven.

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LIN said...

Oooh that macaron and mille feuille both look delicious. I'd definitely have to bring a friend there since I, unfortunately, cannot read traditional Chinese. Btw, to get there which MRT station would I need to get off at?

joanh said...

lin: hey! it's sort of in between all of the MRTs.. about a 20-30 minute walk from DaAn station, Guting Station and CKS memorial hall. Have you been to Yong Kang St before? also- you can ask them what the different flavors are if you can speak. that's what i did. :)

kirbie said...

The dessert display looks gorgeous. And the little girl drawing is so cute!

Pauline said...

looks soo yummy! is that like a mango dome thingy in the second picture?

Unknown said...

Mm. I can stand looking at normal food posts while on an empty stomach but coming across this dessert post...waves of stomach growling.

Alfred said...

Have you tried out Patisserie Boite de Bijou, not too far from this one? 台北市麗水街33巷19號之1.
Cynthia and I love their just about EVERYTHING. As a matter of fact, Dean & Deluca's bread and pastries are from them.

emilie said...

anybody know if this place is still open? I tried calling the number posted here and on their website. No answer.

Margaret said...

So I went here yesterday per your suggestion on this site, OH MY GOSH, that apple caramel cake was AMAZING. I almost missed it when I walked by, but thankfully turned around and saw the little girl sitting outside. LOVE this place! :) And love your blog!!

joanh said...

kirbie: the shop is super cute inside too

Pauline: i think that's a mango dome, i didn't try it! :)

Roger: haha! dessert posts are the best! thanks for commenting!

Alfred: thanks for the suggestion! i did try boite de bijou and i liked it.. gonna write it up soon!!! their macarons are really delicious too!

emilie: sorry, i updated the post with the new number and address.. it's still there!

margaret: yay! glad you liked it and thanks for posting. i still love the apple caramel tart and they have a new strawberry one.. thanks for commenting!