Tuesday, June 16, 2009


No. 3, Lane 93, ShiDa Rd
(02) 3365-3448

Hours: 11 AM - 12 Midnight

Kid friendliness: roomy sofas and seats


visit reviewed: 5/18/2009

A cute little nook for American style cakes and pies, My Sweetie Pie also offers a few dishes such as pizza, chili dogs or lasagna, as an extension of across the lane Grandma Nitti's. A cozy casual place for afternoon tea or dessert in the Shida area, you can also treat your sweet tooth to smoothies, milkshakes or floats.

I drooled over all the choices.

Chocolate chip cookies. Blueberry cheesecake. Apple pie. Luckily I came with friends, so we could order them all.

They also had black forest cake, carrot cake, tiramisu, scones and other cakes. Selection changes day to day.

Slices are around NT$80- NT$100, and whole cakes or pies can be ordered with advance notice. The slices are a bit small-ish for the price, but you're paying for the "novelty" of American desserts in Taipei. It would be awesome if they were going to be really American style and give us some fat slices. If you order a meal, you can add dessert for an extra NT$60 which is a better deal.

Our favorite was the blueberry cheesecake, with the perfect crumbly graham cracker crust. The density and sweetness of the cheesecake was just right.

The apple pie had raisins (ew) and hearty chunks of baked cinnamon apple. I think I've been ruined for apple desserts since I now compare everything to the deliciousness of the swedish apple cake from Flavors.

Unfortunately, the chocolate chip cookie (NT$35) was a bit dry, and not chewy, like the way I like to bake them. A little disappointing.

You might even catch a glimpse of the bakers in action if you grab a seat towards the back, near the windowed open kitchen. Or you can bring your laptop to do some work with the free wifi.

I'd like to eventually try Grandma Nitti's as I've heard a lot about their American style breakfasts and Mexican food. They are right across My Sweetie Pie and next to a Gerge's.

Anyone else have any favorite cakes/pies that I should have tried?

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LIN said...

Do you know of anywhere that has macarons? I would think maybe a French restaurant may have it, but are there any French bakeries/dessert places here?

joanh said...

Lin: hi!! Yes there's a lot of places with macarons. Are you looking for the large kind or regular size?there's one I will be posting soon! Patissere la doeceur near Yong Kang or Paul on Ren Ai circle or in the mall I see a lot

LIN said...

I suppose the regular kind...but, really, anything will do to satisfy my macaron craving! I will definitely check out Paul...seems to have great reviews.

momo said...

I had no idea such a great place was so close to my university! This is a bit dangerous for me, I might end up going this place a bit too often. haha Thank you so much for pointing it out. I love blueberry cheesecake.

joanh said...

lin: i'm gonna put up a macaron post today! but you gotta go try their other signature dessert.

momo: cool! i'm glad! you'll have to let me know if you find any other cakes that are delicious

Anonymous said...

Was here recently and the gingersnaps were delicious, but if I'd realized the cafe was associated with Grandma Nitti's I would have skipped it.

Just like GN, the prices are high and the service is poor. I waited at the cash register to select my cookies to go, and even though I stood and waited for 2 minutes, and called out 'XiaoJie', no one bothered to take my order or ask me anything. Then as I was standing RIGHT THERE another customer came up to pay, cut directly in front of me, and within seconds a server was there. When I said in Chinese 'Excuse me, I was here first', the server finally glanced at me and when right on helping the other customer.

I think the only reason Grandma Nitti survives is because it has been around so long. 10 or 15 years ago when there weren't many Western options around, they might have been good by default. But now there are places with better food, better prices and much better service.

Not just poor service, but outright rudeness is all I have ever experienced at either place. Never going back. Thankfully, there is that amazing, friendly cookie place in GongGuan now run by TJ.