Monday, June 01, 2009

mexican/western: i recommend GOOD DAY

CLOSED! at this location a/o summer 2010

at Shin Kong Mituskoshi, A8
12 Sung Kao Rd, B2
(02) 2723-5220

MRT: Taipei City Hall


Kid friendliness: small roomy seating area away from the food court

website: Chinese only

Visit reviewed: 5/13/2009
Previous visit of different location: 11/29/2007

Maybe I've been in Taiwan too long. Or maybe the gooey burrito from Good Day and freshly fried crispy tortilla chips were actually decent. Either way, I'm recommending that all of you missing Taco Bell (admit it, you do) or Mexican food in Taipei, give Good Day a try.

If you were circling the food court at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, you wouldn't even find it. But if you went towards the other side, glancing past the random Japanese pastries and Johan bakery, then you'd spot the random gingerbread man wearing a sombero.


Maybe it's an appropriate mascot for its equally random menu. Good Day's worldly menu includes not only burritos, tacos and quesadillas, but also burgers, cuban sandwiches, a few all day American breakfasts and Uruguyuan sandwiches.

Again... what??

Not quite the foods I picture being the demand of Taiwanese tastebuds, but maybe that's what's so cool about Good Day. It dares to offer it amidst the sea of rice and noodle dishes. If they build it, will people come?

Though I had a so-so experience at its Dun Hua location with the chicken tacos awhile back, I thought I'd give it a second chance.

The blue uniformed employees were helpful in explaining what items were and answering questions about the menu. Though not everyone there was sure about English names of items when I mentioned them, but we worked it out when I'd point to the menu names.

I'd suggest getting a beef burrito (NT$230 (combo with chips, fries and 1 dipping sauce). I was pleasantly surprised with how big it was, almost the size of a burrito you'd get back home- though I did end up digging out most of the mushy rice and not eating it. The salsa and seasoned ground beef was pretty good though, and I liked the melted cheese. I think it also helped I put some of my Costco avocados onto it.

The chips were warm and crackly crisp and great with my little side of nacho cheese.

I also tried the Classic Cuban (NT$190), but didn't get past a bite after eating my burrito. But it tasted great the next day- especially if you are feeling like a sandwich. For those of you who've never had a Cuban sandwich, it's a variation of a pressed ham and cheese sandwich. The bread wasn't as toasty as I'd like, but I think it might be because I got it to go.

The pickles and mustard give the Classic Cuban a nice zing, and while it compared nothing to my first experience eating a Cuban sandwich at the popular Porto's a few months ago, it's pretty amazing that you can even find a Cuban sandwich in Taipei. Although I don't know how authentic the variations (tuna, turkey or ham & smoked chicken) are.

So those of you who haven't yet had the time to trek to Danshui for Mexican food, take yourself to Good Day and let me know what you think. While it's not as festive an atmosphere as Amigo or Tequila Sunrise, the prices are cheaper and I might even try the all day brunch or one of their 10 or so burgers next time. Their website says there's a NT$100 lunch special for burger of the day plus fries. Sounds like the start of a good day to me.

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Other location:

No. 18, Lane 177, Dun Hua South Road, Sec 1
(02) 8771-0703


Unknown said...

wow..great find! I had their cuban sandwich a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised. I didn't know they offered burritos as well..I might have to make a visit back!

Thanks Joan!

Anonymous said...

Great recommendation - btw which Costco do you go to for avocados? I went to the Neihu one and couldn't find any (and none of the yummy organic ice cream bars you mentioned in a previous post either.)

Yummy in my tummy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving those wonderful comments!

These foods looks so delicious, I wish I could tell you places to go in Taipei, but i've never been there. I could tell you about some really good places to eat in Guam or in the U.S. though=)

billy said...

If you like nacho cheese sauce you should try their Amigo Nachos. Great deal and really tasty.

Kung Food Panda said...

Wow...there IS Mexican (fast) food in Taiwan...I'm shocked!

joanh said...

Richard: no problem! thanks for reading and commenting.. let me know what you get if you make it back

Anonymous: yup the Neihu one.. they didn't have any avocados the last time I went either.. I guess they just don't get it in all the time. The ice cream bars come and go.

Yummy in my tummy: My pleasure! I've never been to Guam!

billy: I will work my way up to the Nachos. :)

Kung Fu Panda: you'd be surprised! good and bad.. you'll have to give it a try the next time you visit.

LIN said...

Do you remember if they had breakfast tacos? I'm looking specifically for chilaquiles or amigas

Anonymous said...

Worst western food in Taipei hands down. If you want Mexican just go to Eddy's and if you want the other stuff, go elsewhere.