Friday, June 12, 2009

news/dessert: LV and Chanel cupcakes photos

Spotted these fashion cupcakes photos on via Tastespotting. The photographer and stylist were inspired by luxury brands like Chanel and LV, in case you couldn't tell.

If someone made cupcakes like these, they would probably sell like crazy in Taipei. Especially if you had the boxes and cute packaging.

I feel like Taipei or Asia in general is more label conscious than LA- or maybe the Chanels per square foot is a higher ratio. Maybe because LA is more spread out, or maybe because there are just so many high end stores in almost every Taipei mall. I swear I've even seen people carrying real Chanels at the night market!

I never even heard of the brands Tod's or Ferragamo, or stepped into a Marc Jacobs store until I lived in Taipei. Was I oblivious? Or has our culture become more knowledgeable about labels with celebrities and the internet and bag blogs?

Anyways- this seems like it could be a fun thing to do for the fashion obsessed girlfriend or daughter in your life. And beware- don't click on the Tastespotting link if you are hungry or have hours to drool over all the food porn pictures.


Tina said...

Speaking of cupcakes, do you know of any really good bakeries that make chocolate cupcakes?

joanh said...

tina: hmm, the only cupcake place in town is Ginjer.. and sometimes their cupcakes are great, sometimes not. (though I spotted some cute ones at the Gloria Prince hotel)...

if you are looking for satisfying a craving, I usually get the chocolate muffin from Starbucks. if you want a chocolate cake w/ lots of frosting, you can check out the chocolate cake from Macaroni Grill.