Wednesday, September 23, 2009

japanese/sushi: i strongly recommend SASHI-MIYA

No. 1, Lane 126, FuXing S. Road, Sec. 1, 3 FL
(02) 8773-4888

MRT: ZhongXiao/FuXing


hours: 11:30 AM -2:30 PM; 5:30 PM - 11 PM (11:30PM on Fri/Sat)


Kid friendliness: booth seating available.

Visit reviewed: 7/5/2008 & 4/21/2009

You know when you are introduced to a new place by someone, and you think, this is a really cool place with good food and good prices. But for some reason, you don't go back for a long time- probably it's a little off your usual path, you're too busy trying out new places, or just eating at home. And then one day, you're with a bunch of friends figuring out where to eat for lunch and you somehow think about that place and end up back there and wonder why you don't eat there more often.

Well, in this case, my friends were craving sushi/sashimi and I went through my mental archives and cross refrenced it with my mental map, and beep, beep, beep, out came Sashi-Miya. Useful, huh? Haha.

Sashi-Miya is an izakaya Japanese restaurant that has a little bit of everything- the extensive menu has a lot of small plates to be shared, including yakitori/kushiyaki (grilled skewers), sashimi, salads, noodles, baked/grilled/stirfried and sushi rolls (NT$60-NT$980+), as well as a full beer/cocktail/alcoholic drinks menu.

The best thing about it is that it has really good prices for good Japanese food, the selection is huge and I liked almost everything that we tried. The menu not only has a picture for every single item, it also has English along with the Chinese.

The first time I went, we sat on the second floor, so we could see how big the space is. Sashi-Miya is a converted old theater with three floors and a huge screen playing films or tv. There's various types of seating, tatami or regular, or along the sushi bar. I'm sure you could find secluded seating for a romantic date, or a large seating area for a rowdy group.

From the second floor of the restaurant, you can get a nice view of the chefs busy below as well as the large screen (which is muted).

My favorites: the sweet shrimp (NT$240) and uni (NT$320).

And the tuna and avocado roll (NT$160). I could eat many of these.

Okay, let me try and break down the abundant food we ordered from my two different visits.

First, appetizers- get the agadashi tofu (NT$80) and avoid the cold tofu appetizer (NT$120). The agedashi was crispy and tasty, and the cold tofu was bland with a weird sesame sauce.

The chilled tomato salad (NT$100) was also not bad (picked off the UGH raisins and sprouts) with a sweet plum sauce dressing.

Onto the sushi and rolls. Rolls are harder to find in Taipei, but Sashi-Miya has some good ones. Futomaki combo,(NT$200) Unagi hand rolls, deep fried soft shell crab rolls, tuna avocado rolls and much more. They are a good size, unlike some other places that have good, but smaller rolls.

And the huge platters of fresh sashimi. The sashimi is fresh and generous and beautifully presented and they have different sizes of combos. I think this is the L combo (NT$580) with a lot of sweet shrimp added to it.

Did I mention how much I love uni? It melts on your tongue and it should be fresh and have a nice ocean, creamy, slightly sweet taste. You could hoard a whole order to yourself or be nice and share.

Don't like your fish raw? They have a miso marinated cod that is nicely grilled.

Gotta fit in the veggies too- I like kong ching tsai or Chinese watercress.

My least favorite are the stir fried meats. I've had the stir fried beef and the stir fried chicken and wasn't crazy about either. Something about the flavors and the toughness of the meat- just didn't care for it.

I also didn't care for the grilled shan yao (NT$220) which is a starchy tuber which texture is like a cross between daikon radish and taro. It's crunchy and a bit gooey and flavorless, but a favorite of my friend's family who brought us here.

The menu is so varied that you could eat here multiple times and not get the same thing. Or perfect for that large group of friends to eat and share food with the festive atmosphere and roomy seating. As you can see, the Chinese name is different, so look for this sign or San Si Wei Wu.

Sashi-Miya is not too far from the corner of Zhong Xiao and Fuxing. If you were coming from green Fuxing Sogo, you'd just walk straight ahead from the entrance, under the MRT subway and you'd spot it on your left.

View hungry in taipei restaurants in a larger map

BTW- I enjoy making the maps to help people find the more out of the way restaurants, but somehow my maps keep getting messed with! I think Google Maps started consolidating user-created locations into 1 location, but only the Chinese address shows up and I do all my maps with English, and then I can't get the English to show, only the Chinese. I've also found some entries being "edited" by other users when added to their lists and it takes a lot of time to fix/redo the maps. Ugh. So FYI, that's why I haven't been keeping up with the maps. Don't know why Google allows you to edit other people's entries. It's annoying.


kirbie said...

It looks so yummy. I love uni!

foodbin said...

a great restaurant-i always go for cold soba and soft shell crabs.

Anonymous said...

i cant wait to try sashimi.. that seems like a good price, is it?

joanh said...

kirbie: thanks!

foodbin: mmm.. i will have to get the soft shell crab next time. thanks for commenting!

anonymous: I think it's a good price! You can find cheaper and more expensive, but the quality is good for the price

LIN said...

Mmmm looks delicious! I am looking at your blog again [for good reason, not just looking at it and wishing I were there] and compiling a list of places to eat at when I go in February...I am studying abroad at NTU!!!

joanh said...

lin: cool! sounds exciting! i never studied abroad during college

aline said...

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Vivian said...

Do you happen to know if the sashimi is only available during dinner?
Or if it is available during lunch hours as well.

I looked on their website and noticed that there's a lunch and dinner menu and wasn't sure what the difference is... my chinese isn't that great haha

I've been searching through your blog trying to find a good/ decent priced sushi/sashimi place (:


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