Saturday, September 12, 2009

snapshot/brunch: i recommend weekend brunch at VVG BISTRO

20, Alley 40, Lane 181, Zhongxiao E Rd, Sec 4,
(02) 8773 3533


snapshot with iphone: 3/14/2009
previous review: 4/2006

The more I eat at the different brunches around town, the more I appreciate the variety and inventiveness and flavors of weekend brunch at VVG Bistro. While it's not a traditional pancake and eggs breakfast by any means, it's a changing set course that always manages to surprise and delight me.

This particular set is a flashback to earlier this year in March, and included fat, crispy crab cake and cheese, mushroom, sausage omelette.

If you can't get a seat at VVG Bistro, they might just redirect next door to VVG Table whose brunch is equally good, or the nearby girly VVG Bon Bon. Brunch is available weekends at a leisurely 11am until 4pm in the afternoon.

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