Tuesday, September 15, 2009

snapshot/dessert: i recommend MUNG BEAN & PEARL BARLEY DESSERTS

No. 192, Da An Road, Sec 1
(02) 2325-8990

website: http://wretch.cc/user/luewu (Chinese only with pictures) or online menu (Chinese only)


Kid friendliness: kid friendly!

iphone pics: 7/3/2009

It's always great to have friends that feed you, right? When my friend handed me this cup, I had finished lunch, I was full and didn't really want to try it. But she said, you have to try it. And once again, I'm glad I did.

Taiwan is full of shops with drinks and ice and soups filled with mysterious things and so I'm not always sure what I'm eating, but if it tastes good, then I don't mind as much.

Mushy and chewy, my milky dessert had soft green mung beans, pearl barley, QQ jelly cubes and fresh milk.

Not too sweet or cold, it reminded me of the dessert mung bean soups my mom made when I was growing up, which we called "green bean soup" since in Chinese the direct translation of "lu dou" is green bean. This would confuse (and gross out) people thinking about long string green beans in a dessert soup, but this is totally different.

In a very good way.

Other locations:

No. 165, BaDe Road., Sec. 4

Tianmu store: (02) 2384-6911

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m3ng said...

mmmmm so delicious!!!

EatTravelEat said...

I like mung bean soup too :). But I have never seen it coupled with milk before! Do like the combination with barley though-that I have eaten before with mung bean.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just stumbled onto this blog and can't stop drooling. Haven't been back to Taipei in years, I will definitely have to make a trip back now. Keep up the great work!

joanh said...

m3ng: thanks!

eatTravelEat: that was my first time too, but it was good!

anonymous: thank you!! hope you get to make a trip back soon, i feel like there's more to eat than ever!

lan said...

I've been eye-ing this place since I've seen this post. I didn't make it to Daan, but found a branch in Taipei 101 across for the do hwa place. Unfriendly service. I don't speak Chinese, but I did get the toppings I wanted...just in the thick starchy mixture instead of the delicious milk. It was fine and not too sweet.