Saturday, September 19, 2009

snapshot/vegetarian: i recommend MINDER VEGETARIAN

at Dun Hua Eslite Food Court
No. 245, Dun Hua S Road, B2



Kid friendliness: depends on if your kids like veggies

iphone pics: 4/29/2009

If you've had one too many nights of night market eats or fried meat on a stick or carb-heavy lunches, you can refresh your tastebuds with some vegetarian fare. Minder Vegetarian is chain of "pay what you weigh" buffet style vegetarian food- mostly spotted at mall or hospital food courts, the Xindian location has an all you can eat on their second floor.

Veggies, mushrooms and soy galore- at Dun Hua Eslite, you can add rice and soup for a little extra

Now if only someone would open up a Souplantation or decent salads and soup place here!

View hungry in taipei restaurants in a larger map

(note XinDian can also be spelled Sindian or Hsindian)

XinYi Eslite
No. 11, Song Gao Road, B2
(02) 2729-8969

Breeze Taipei Main Station
No. 3, BeiPing W. Road, 2 FL
(02) 2361-3566

XinDian shop (all you can eat on second floor)
No. 137, Minchuang Road
(02) 8218-7858

No. 47, Lane 63, Dun Hua S Road, Sec 2
(02) 2325-5695

No. 3, Alley 17, Lane 300, Ren Ai Road
(02) 2707-6753

No. 30, Lane 151, Jianguo South Road
(02) 2703-3703

National Taiwan University Hospital Shop
No.7, Zhongshan S. Rd, B1
(02) 2396-3088

Taipei Veterans General Hospital
No. 201, Shih-Pai Road, 1 FL
(02) 2873-9465

XinDian Tzu Chi Hospital
No. 289, Jianguo Road, B1

Tri Service General Hospital
No. 325 Chenggong Road B1
(02) 2793-5202
(02) 8219-2232


Anonymous said...

Great entry, I am not a vege eater but I do like vegetarian dishes. I will go to the all you can eat one.


Anonymous said...

Do you know if they add MSG to the food? Usually vegetarian places in Taiwan are super heavy on the MSG. A lot of supposedly great tasting food is actually enhanced with MSG, and actually it gets pretty bland and annoying after awhile, besides the health issues.

Anonymous said...

Is this where they weigh your food before paying? I am looking for a vegetarian buffet restaurant that does not weigh food but pay first than eat type.


Anonymous said...

Yes, according to the article, Minder is a weigh-your-food type of place. I've been to the one at XinYi and although it is a bit pricey, it is quite delicious.

joanh said...

Janet: cool! thanks for the comment. let us know how you like it.

anonymous 2: hmm, I'm not sure. I think they don't, but I can't say for sure.

Eric: they have one location that is not by weight. you can also check out Jendow which is HUGE

anonymous4: thanks for the heads up!