Thursday, May 03, 2007

italian: DIAMOND TONY's in Tien Mu

148-4, Zhong Shan North Road, Sec 7,
Tien Mu, Taipei
(02) 2873 6397

Lunch: 11:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Dinner: 5 PM - 12 AM

11:30AM - 12 Midnight


Visit reviewed: 12/27/2006

So I will admit that the food is a lot better at the flagship Diamond Tony's in Tien Mu than the Diamond Tony's at 101. However the service could still be a little quicker, especially if you are on the clock at lunch hour. But at least it's a bit friendlier and they don't give you an "I don't care if you complain, there's nothing you can do about it" attitude that seemed to sweep over the 101 location.

The lunch set menu comes with a soup, appetizer/salad and dessert at NT$499 for 2 starters (appetizer, soup or salad), pasta, drink and dessert. Their minestrone soup was more like a beef vegetable soup, with no tomato flavor at all. It still tasted good, it just wasn't minestrone.

One of Diamond Tony's most popular appetizer seems to be the Crab dip and bread. The dip is creamy and served warm, but there's no noticeable crab in the dip. However, it's a perfect partner for the addictive pan bread which is also served warm with a crispy crust and chewy interior with parmesan garlic flavor.

I actually really enjoyed the caesar which had smoked cheese, grated parmesan, and micro-croutons sprinkled among the crisp romaine. I savored each bite of the smoked cheese.

The main dish came much later than the appetizer and soups did, but at least four of the six main dishes came at the same time.

I ordered the lasagna, which was not bad- good portion, nice flavor. The seafood cream fettucine was also miles above the 101 Diamond Tony's in which every pasta dish was just a glop on a plate.

What seemed like an eternity later, talking while staring at the emptying chairs nearby, our desserts came.

The fruit sorbet was a nice cap to the meal and there was some chocolate cake floating on the table too. The lunch set is a good price for the amount of food that you get, especially if you have a larger group then you can share the starters. The open airy space is also less claustrophobic than the dark 101 space, and the colorful tables are nice area to have conversation while you are waiting for the different parts of your meal.

Other locations in Taipei
Diamond Tony's at 101 Mall, 4th FL

Diamond Tony's at Mitsukoshi, A4
6F, No.19, Sung-Kao Rd
(02) 2723-5918
11:30 AM- 10 PM


Lisa Wang said...

I went to Diamond Tony's at 101 and did not like it at all. It's interesting how the Tien Mu location seems like it's much better. You'd think they'd be consistent.

joanh said...

ffc: yeah, i can't believe how much i HATED my last experience at DT at 101. i had very low expectations for the Tien Mu one, but i guess because it's the original, it's a lot better. but you would think they would make the 101 halfway decent. oh well. lots of things to eat in 101 otherwise.

Chubbypanda said...

Italian food in Taiwan is... I dunno. Too far from the mothership, I suppose.

joanh said...

chubbypanda: just saw this comment.. LOL.. actually there are quite a few decent Italian/Japanese fusion places and now good ole' Macaroni grill.. but Diamond Tony's is just a brand I'm hoping my readers can avoid.

Martin said...

Diamond Tony's in Tienmu... they don't even know what a Dry Martini is. They gave me the vermouth on the rocks with hardly any gin in a regular glass. And the food...mediocre if I am to be kind. Never again.

Anonymous said...

Is this still open? My Wife and I ate there and it was terrible. Poor service and marginal food.

joanh said...

martin/anonymous: haha. I think it's still open. I know there are two other locations at least- one on Renai and one in 101 at the 85th floor. There have been some commenters on the other post insisting it's one of the best in town.. but the comments here show otherwise.

Anonymous said...

So I was at DT 101 today. The food was good. The starter Breda with shrimpdip was nice, the Breda was warm and had som seasalt sprinkled om top, wich gave it a traditional taste. The truffel and mushroom soup was spot on in taste. The tagliatelle with King crab was also right in taste and the pasta was cooked al dente, like it should be.
The dessert was maybe not the best, but I am quitte spoiled on that.
The service could use a hint of european hospitallity. But in al Asia service is not mike the european style.