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Thursday, May 17, 2007

not taipei: i strongly recommend JOHNNIE's PASTRAMI

If anyone can tell me where to find a pastrami sandwich like this in Taipei, I will treat you to lunch there. (And yes I've tried the pastrami at the Diner and definitely not the same!) Ohhhh- juicy but not overly greasy pastrami with some squirts of hot mustard, lovingly hugged by two toasted soft buns. Huge sandwich you can share or pack to save the other half for later. Can't forget the chili cheese fries to complete your classic diner experience. Open late for your cravings and super busy at lunch.

So for my 5 readers out there, what are you guys craving in Taipei from back home?? Put it out there in the blog universe in the comments, and maybe other readers will be kind enough to share if they know where they can find it!

4017 Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 397-6654

hours: Sun-Mon 10am-1am;
Tue-Thu 10am-2:30am;
Fri-Sat 10am-3:30am

$$ (cash only)


Lisa Wang said...

oh my god my mouth literally started watering when i saw this picture, i am SO going there when i get home. Strangely enough I really miss Urth Cafe salads (and good salads in general) and good muffins. I also miss really good sandwiches and omelettes, but that's probably because i just haven't gotten around to going to an American breakfast restaurant.

J Bell said...

Like you, I was not impressed with the pastrami at The Diner. I have tried almost everything on their menu though and I'd say 95% of what I've tried was a cut above other places in Taipei.
There are three things that I am craving and have not found in Taipei - gyro, philly-cheesesteak, & a good Ruben (pastrami).
Keep on eating!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan, long time no comment. I was wondering, is there any good In-N-Out substitutes here in Taipei? Thanks.

Ron Wu said...

I am from San Jose, NoCal for you ;). There are too many foods I miss but the "Gilroy special pizza" at Jakes in Saratoga is on top of my list. You must like garlic to like this pizza. It's my must-have food every time I visit back home. I did not like most of the pizza in Taipei, too sweet for me. Alley Cats in TPE serves thin crust pizza that I like, only if they can pile more topping on it.

joanh said...

ffc: I never got in Urth Cafe, but I miss good salads here too. The best so far seems to be Mac Grill and Chili's. I actually like the steak sandwich at NY Bagel.

jb: I miss gyro's too! Doner Kebab is just not the same. I've heard a lot of people ask me about philly cheesesteaks.

James: A new burger place opened up called California Grill but I have not tried it yet. I hear the burgers at the Diner are good. Someone should open an In N Out here!

Ron: mm that sounds good- I miss pizza like from Zachary's in Oakland!

Chubbypanda said...

Meat good. Panda like.

I grew up in Saratoga. I second the comment about Jakes.

Anonymous said...

Great blog joan!
followed many recommendations and share most of your thoughts.
i miss occasinally a good Wiener Schnitzel but i never saw here one that was NOT made with pork. the original is made with veal and must be very thin a crispy. hard to get even in germany where i come from.

joanh said...

chubbypanda: mm, maybe i need to make a visit to saratoga!

pat: thanks for the comment! hope you will let me know more often what you think... i don't know then, if I have ever had an authentic wiener schnitzel! i only know of the US food chain which is obviously leapyears away from what youa re talking about!

Anonymous said...

did you ever try Jolly's Thai restaurant? They have one branch in NeiHu and another one in Downtown Taipei (forgot the address, near Brother hotel). Since Thai & Thai went out of business, they are one of the best Thai restaurant in my opinion here. At Jolly they also brew their own beer. Nice place.

joanh said...

pat: thanks for the suggestion! i've never heard of them and will look them up. always looking for good thai food- what dishes would you recommend there?

Anonymous said...

i love their spicy and sour beef (with cashews and fired basil), the shrimp cake is great, they have nice curries (yellow and green beef curry are tasty, with a real nice sauce, not watered down), the crispy fish salad is very nice, for beer i love their vienna style beer ( a bit sweet). even i am not really a person who likes fish, but i must say the steamed seabass with lemongrass is nice too, but i get too annoyed by the fishbones too easily ;-)
the menu between their downtown branch and neihu branch varies a bit, i mostly go to their neihu branch.
service is usually nice, but when they are crowded the girls are getting too busy soemtimes. i would say they are in medium price range

on a sidenote: when do we see your review to Alleycats ;-)
(if you like pizza, have a look there, some of the pastas are quite OK too)

joanh said...

pat: hi! thanks for the feedback. i've reviewed alleycats awhile ago! check it out here:

Daddy Alex said...

Joan!!! Why did you go and blog about a pastrami sandwich. I was having a perfect nite, reading my email and playing the Wii when I decided to visit your site. And then low and behold I see a Johnnie's Pastrami!! Something I ate once a week in college cuz it's right down the street where I live. Now my night is ruined cuz I have to have one!!

joanh said...

daddy alex: hahaha. i used to drool over my favorite food blogs as well, wisting for carne asada tacos and belgian waffles. i'm doing research!!! maybe there are no pastrami sandwiches worth eating in taipei? no one seems to have answered my call for helpl.

Anonymous said...

Oh you are EVIL. I was hoping this restaurant was in Taipei!

Anonymous said...

The "skillet fries" at Chili's are a decent chili-cheese fries fix. Also, I just read elswhere on the net (although it's an old article) that an American style bar on FuXing N. Road, called My Other Place, has a good pastrami sandwich. I'll try it out tomorrow and repost my thoughts tomorrow night.

joanh said...

Jeff: I wish! Wasn't trying to be mean, just alerting fans of pastrami in LA! hee hee

billy: awesome!!! thanks for investigating and letting us know! welcome to the blog!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to get your hopes up only to have to deflate them now. My Other Place has discontinued anything pastrami. I should have checked it out before even mentioning it. Oops. So, I skipped it, went to Chili's and had the skillet fries, and caught a movie. Let's not give up on our quest for good pastrami in Taiwan.

joanh said...

billy: okay, we'll look for good pastrami. but i'm not feeling hopeful! i did read somewhere about a place called the Terminal that might have good cheesesteak

Huanger said...

don't know if you'll see this comment, but... i just want to know where i can get portion sizes for real people. I'm from Texas, so I'm starving here. Needless to say, I'm also constantly craving large chunks of beef, burritos the size of my head, and burgers in the style of P. Terry's (an Austinite's clone of In-N-Out that surpasses the original). Oh, and I wouldn't mind seeing Chick-Fil-A open up over here. mmmmm... waffle fries!

joanh said...

christopher: mmm! Chick-Fil-A is definitely a good idea!!!! Texas sized portions you will have to go to American style chains- Chili's, TGIF, Macaroni Grill, Outback, Lawry's, Ruth Chris...

big burritos- haven't seen those or small burritos for that matter. :(

Another idea is to hit up those all you can eat restaurants. i'm sure you could give them a run for their money! good luck and welcome to the blog