Monday, May 14, 2007

news to me/american: TONY ROMA's is CLOSING!

Tragic, but true!!! J'adore food posted a comment that Tony Roma's in Taipei is closing at the end of May 2007! I was shocked to hear this and the news is confirmed on their website:

感謝大家多年來對TONY ROMA'S的支持
Tony Roma’s經營團隊及全體員工十二萬分的感謝您這些年來的支持。

On behalf of the management and staff of Tony Roma's, we would like
to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support all these years.
As our lease is expiring soon, this restaurant will cease operations in June.

Why oh why???? It's been around as long as I can remember- maybe over 10 years or so. Their ribs are pretty close to what you'd get back home even though the price is a bit higher here. Maybe they will reopen in a more traffic-busy location? Does anyone know if they are gone for good from Taipei?? Have you guys been lately or are not making ends meet anymore with all the other newer American chains in town? Argh!!

It's not quite a mom and pop like Chubbypanda requested to blog about in his Save our Faves, but good American food is hard to come by in Taipei, even if it's a chain restaurant.

So maybe we're partially at fault- I haven't been in awhile- but it was comforting to know it was there if I needed some sticky tender ribs to make a mess with. And now, no longer! Can it be saved? I guess I will have to make a trip before it closes for one last time.


Lisa Wang said...

sad! i love tony romas, i remember going there as a kid all the time. we should definitely go before they close.

Anonymous said...

This is tragic!

They closed all the Tony Roma's in my home city of Phoenix and I was looking forward to visiting TR Taipei when I arrive in a few weeks...

...just days after they close.

I'm seriously depressed.

joanh said...

ffc: yeah! let's make a date

gridman: maybe they are not doing so well these days being too specialized? they closed the one in west LA down as well!

Anonymous said...

joanh: good question.

For a major city in the US, Phoenix has an unbelievable bad track record for chain restaurants, so when Tony Romas closed up their three stores in Phoenix a couple years ago, I just assumed it was the Phoenix curse.

Both locations down south in Tucson are still going strong as fas as I know.

Anonymous said...

I hope you make it there before they close. I know what you mean--Tony Roma's presence was always a comforting factor, knowing that I could go there when I was really craving some good ribs. All the times I've been there, there's never been a line. I think their lack of business is due to the price and the location. What a pity...their ribs are the best.

joanh said...

j'adore: i'm trying!! i tried to go last night but when i called for reservations, they said they were booked til friday. they are open until sunday, so make your reservations early!