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Monday, May 28, 2007


somewhere between 15 and 53 Yongkang ST


Visit reviewed: 5/8/2007

After a failed attempt to eat at the newly opened California Grill (which wasn't open during lunch on the weekdays while they were working out their opening kinks), we ended up wandering down the street to eat at this fairly decent ramen place, full of mostly students. Their menu is all in Chinese with different kinds of broths for your ramen, but there are a few pictures to point at and a couple of lunch sets. A big bowl of miso ramen with a side of chicken cutlet for less than NT$150. Simple, quick, tasty and cheap- it was a good warm up to what my friends were really waiting for: Ice Monster mango ice, just down the street.

On a hot day like this, it was a nice cold treat to share- and you have to eat it fast so it doesn't melt before you can dig in. I still think the sorbet on top is a bit overkill, but whatever floats your boat.

On our way from California Grill to the Ramen place, we also spotted a Pinkberry knock-off yogurt place- Yogurt Me. I'll have to save some room for my stomach to try it out the next time I try out California Grill.

53 Yongkang St. (near Jinhua Road)
Hours: 11 AM -10 PM

15 Yongkang St.


Anonymous said...

i *heart* ice monster!!!!

los angeles aka "wish i was in taiwan eating ice monster!", ca

Chubbypanda said...

But Pinkberry itself a knockoff of yogurt places in Korea. Go figure.

Ron Wu said...

My favorit Japanese noodle house is Hakata Lamen. Interestingly, their broth is milky white for either miso or pork bone flavors. Not sure if there is actually milk or cream in it.

Ron Wu said...

oh, one other thing, the bowl used for the lamen is made out of cast iron. They use an alcohol burner to keep the broth hot. Very nice in the Winter time.

Lisa Wang said...

yay . a personal experience post! i love ice monster but after eating it so often i get what you mean by it being a little overkill. have you tried the cold dessert at this place called xiao nan men (little east door) in the food court at breeze center (behind the japanese conveyer belt place) and there's also one at the 101 eslite food court? i decided that was one of my favorite cold dessert in taipei. they have this gummy yellow cube stuff that is really really good.

joanh said...

anonymous: you should buy those little shaved ice machines and make your own mango ic!

chubbypanda: yeah i heard that as well as a ton of pinkberry knockoffs are springing up in LA

ron: this place had milky white miso broth too..

ffc: yup! i love that place too (and have reviewed it too)- i change between the aiyu (lemon jelly) ice and the soy tofu w/ peanut, mini boba and rice balls. MMM

Rose said...

I have yet to go to California Grill. Mei (of Meieats) went and liked it, but I have yet to try it.

Ramen. Love it and hate it at the same time. Love noodles, love soup, but i think i might have ate one too many bowls at some point.

I tried YogurtMe the day it opened (not intentional..i was walking down the street). It's pretty good. I've never had the "Pinkberry" experience so i can't compare. But i like the choice of fruit toppings for the froyo. It felt like i was eating something healthy (unlike Ice Monster Mango, which I love but lord knows that condensend milk can't be good for you).