Friday, February 15, 2008

revisited/pizza/buffet: PIZZA HUT

No.343, Zhong Hsiao E. Rd., Sec. 4,
(02) 2776-6600


hours: 11AM - 11PM (though buffet ends at 9:30PM)

$ ($274/person at lunch)

Kid friendliness: only 1 high chair and 1 booster for the whole restaurant? all you can eat pasta and pizza usually satisfies most kids, though there can be a wait during peak hours

Visit reviewed: 11/20/2007
OId review here (for delivery): 2/21/2006

Maybe it's the cold weather or the rain, but every time I've been passing by the Pizza Hut lately, it seems to be packed, with people waiting outside the door! The last time we sat down was last November, when it wasn't too hard to get a table for 6 at a weekday lunch. The last time I went a few weeks ago, it was a 20-30 minute wait and we ended up just getting some personal pan pizzas to go (for a 15 minute wait).

I think it's pretty comparable to Pizza Hut buffet in the states- all you can eat pizza and other stuff with an assortment of various flavors, salads, pastas, hot foods and drinks- for about NT$300 (I think NT$270 for lunch and NT$300 something for dinner) . One cool thing is that if they aren't serving the pizza that you like, you can request that they make a pizza for you that they will serve to your table (for no extra charge). My friend requested the Takoyaki pizza which I never had before- it had squid, mushrooms, and drizzles of some sweet sauce and mayo.

It was, uh, interesting.. but demonstrates the extent of the local variety of flavors that even an American chain will produce. Along with Japanese Takoyaki, some other unique flavors on the Taiwan Pizza Hut menu include: Lobster Abalone; Fruity Sausage Cheesy Bite PIzza (and no I'm not making this up! Look here ), Korean Kim Chi BBQ; and French Style Seafood.

The salad bar and soups are not that exciting and the penne pasta is sometimes mushy (since it's baked and is sitting there), but if you like Pizza Hut's pizza and can eat a lot of it, then it's a fast way to try different flavors of pizzas. Since the personal pan pizzas are so cheap here (usually under NT$100), you can get that if you don't want to wait for the buffet or can't eat that much.

Personally, I like Pizza Hut over Domino's and there's something about the crust that I like and I usually get it delivered, but if you want to hit up the buffet- I think it's only at this location. It always seems to be packed with family and friends, so it's something for people visiting looking for something familiar as well as locals who just want some hot cheesy pizza (with some takoyaki on top).


J Bell said...

Hungry Girl, keep the Taipei reviews coming - they really help. Just thought I'd let you know that there is another Pizza Hut buffet at the store located 2F., No.30, Syuchang St. It's directly across the street from the YMCA near the Main Station. We've enjoyed it several times.

joanh said...

jb: cool! thanks! hope to hear more from you as well..

Ben said...

Buffets are also located in Tianmu, Zhongshan N. Rd. Sec. 7, near the roundabout. Another in Yonghe directly across from Dingxi MRT.

joanh said...

ben: cool. thanks for the info.. does that mean you like the buffet? :)

Unknown said...

Hi Hungry Girl,
We live in the USA and, I like Pizza Huts buffet...although I am a thin crust guy hands down! Papa Johns is probably one of the better chains here also. Anyhow touch base with Me sometime as We may be travelling to that part of the world before too long and, those Specialty Pizzas that You mentioned sound...Awesome! I would love to try some squid or lobster on a Pizza... not to mention Abalone or Korean BBQ!! Wow! Thanks You can email me :)

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