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Thursday, February 14, 2008

where can you find: a romantic restaurant in Taipei?

Happy Valentine's day everyone!

I know that there is also a local "lovers day" in Taiwan, but Valentine's day made me think about where would one go for a romantic dinner in Taipei? I've added a "romantic" label to my posts for those places that I think could be considered so (and of course, the places are varying levels of romantic) and some places may be more setting the mood at dinner than during lunch, and I know there are probably a lot of other places that are romantic that I have yet to visit.

For me, I think the factors that make a restaurant romantic are a good dessert to share ( like the souffle at Joyce East) and an atmosphere to enjoy each other and the food (so no loud music, crowds or bright lighting) (like at Sumie at San Want Hotel or Forchetta) .

So... where you do guys take your dates/significant others/long time husbands or wives on a special occasion? Do you think it have to be an expensive place to be considered romantic?


abstractpoet said...

The places you mentioned are good picks, Joan! I also think the Swedish restaurant, Flavor, is pretty romantic (small, intimate, never crowded, and an apple cake dessert that's better get the picture). Also Olala!, the French bistro. Mamm Goz might be romantic if it weren't always crowded and if the tables weren't packed so close together.

Personally, I hate eating out on V-Day, whether in Taipei or wherever. It's always crowded; sometimes you have to wait forever even when you have a reservation; and they force you to order special set menus with jacked up prices and food that's often not as good as their usual offerings.

Tina Khoe said...

For Western food, I prefer Ratafia, found at the corner of Xinyi and Anhe Road. Classy silverware, delicate food and subdued ambience create a feeling of romance. Their sets and service are terrific for the price.

Other Western suggestions include La Giara (reasonable priced enough), Bagel Bagel, Paris 1930 (great service, gives women a rose afterwards), Joyce East, La Petite Cuisine (for those with the time and money), Tutta Bello (haven't tried, but heard it's decent), and Sonoma Teppanyaki for steak lovers.

If my partner prefers Chinese, Shinyeh 101 is a great choice. It's not everyday people can say that you dined on top of the world. Their wines are lacking, but the food is decent and the price reasonable given its location.

If my date likes Japanese, there's always Mitsui and Shintori. Hope this helps!

joanh said...

abstractpoet: we actually ended up at Mamm Goz... the tables are packed together, but it was not too bad. I have yet to go to Flavor or Olala! so I will have to try those!

raven: hi! thanks for all the suggestions. i want to check out La Petite Cuisine sometime!

Tina Khoe said...

La Petite serves uber-expensive meals that take 3-4 hours to serve in total. Ensure you're with somebody whose company you can bear to be with for 3 hours because dinner's going to last that long! :)

Great ambience, impressive price (or at least, if you're not paying), but not the best romantic restaurant in Taipei.

Btw, expensive doesn't necessarily mean romantic. Often, a quaint place with candlelight will do. Just stumbled upon Sababa Pita (Yongkang branch) last weekend. Very romantic for less than NT$300! Great deal!