Wednesday, February 06, 2008

american: SUBWAY

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! Just doing some quick catchups on old visits.. but hey, it's new to you! :) Be sure to scroll down and make sure you haven't missed anything because I've been making up for lost time. Best of everything in 2008 and hopefully you're having a good few days off with friends and loved ones and getting some extra ZZZs in this gray and rainy weather.

No. 28, SongDe Rd, Taipei
(02) 8780-8380

and various locations listed below



Kid friendliness: sandwiches, chips and even cookies on the menu. don't recall seeing high chairs at locations.

Visit reviewed: 12/3/2007

Ahh.. good old Subway. It's quick. It's easy. It's familiar.

Sometimes you feel like a sandwich and a bag of chips, then you'd head here. Most sandwiches are the same as you'd find in the states, though I find that the Meatball sandwich's (NT$85/6 inch or NT$145/12 inch) meatballs here seem smaller and taste a bit more artificial or "meat-like" rather than ground beef than I'd prefer. So if I don't get the meatball, I usually get the Tuna.

If you've never eaten at a Subway, you basically choose the sandwich (various coldcuts to steak), the bread, the vegetable toppings (lettuce, tomato, olives, bell pepper, onions, jalepeno peppers, pickles, cucumbers), cheese and dressing (olive oil, vinegar, salt/pepper, mayo, mustard), and watch as they assemble your sandwich. In the states, I usually pick Quizno's over Subway for their hot sandwiches, but for American style cold cut or tuna sandwiches here in Taipei, you have Subway or Au Bon Pain to choose from.

I think some of the Subways deliver too. With menus in English and Chinese and lots of pictures, it's pretty easy to navigate.


漢口店 HanKou Branch
02-2314-5725 02-2314-5798
57, HanKou St. Sec 1, Taipei

新光三越 Shinkong Mitsukoshi Branch
信義新天地A8館 台北市松高路12號B2美食街
12, SongGao Rd, Taipei (B2 Food Court)

光復店 GuangFu Branch
02-2723-7781 02-2723-7703
435, FuXing S Rd, Taipei

南京店 NanJing Branch
02-2545-7721 02-2545-7591
99, NanJing E Rd, Sec 4, Taipei

內湖大潤發店 NeiHu RT Mart Branch
02-2792-2856 02-2792-8870
188, JiuZhong Rd, Sec 1, Taipei

陽明山店 YangMingShan Branch
02-2861-7999 02-2861-9154

南京建國店 NanJing/JianGuo Branch
02-2517-0439 02-2506-7029
216, NanJing E Rd, Sec 2, Taipei

師大店 ShiDa Branch
02-2322-1767 02-2322-1768
230, JinShan Rd, Sec 2, Taipei

新生店 XinSheng Branch
02-2395-5686 02-2396-8477
106-1, XinSheng S Rd, Sec 1, Taipei

中和建一店 ZhongHe/JianYi Branch
02-8226-5819 02-8226-5813
168, JianYi Rd, Floor F, ZhongHe City

木柵店 MuZha
02-2234-6802 02-2234-6823
27, WanShou Rd, Taipei

101 MALL
45, ShiFu Rd, B1-10, Taipei

復興店 FuXing Branch
02-2518-3062 02-2518-3215
270, FuXing N Rd, Taipei

環亞店 Asia World Branch
337, NanJing E Rd, Sec 3, B2, Taipei

台大店 NTU Branch
02-3365-2629 02-3365-2630
85, Roosevelt Rd, Sec 4, Taipei

中山店 ZhongShan Branch
02-25375276 02-2568-3613
101, ZhongShan N Rd, Sec 2, Taipei

龍安店 LongAn Branch
02-2368-0007 02-2368-2006
8, XinSheng S Rd, Sec 3, Taipei

文大店 PCCU Branch
02-2862-2161 02-2862-2161
55, HuaGang Rd, Taipei

大直店 DaZhi Branch
02-2533-5255 02-2533-5277
61, DaZhi St, Taipei

京華城店 Living Mall Branch
02-8761-6630 02-8761-6823
138, BaDe Rd, Sec 4, B1, Taipei

世貿店 World Trade Center Branch
02-2345-3009 02-2345-3169
2, XinYi Rd, Sec 5, B1, Taipei

敦南店 DunHua South Branch
02-2709-2008 02-2709-2009
150, DunHua S Rd, Sec 2, Taipei

士林店 ShiLin Branch
02-2834-0028 02-2838-4139
120-2, ZhongZheng Rd, Taipei

台電店 Taipower Branch
02-3365-3359 02-3365-1751
241, Roosevelt Rd, Sec 3, Taipei

中崙大潤發店 Zhong Lun RT Mart
02-8772-6072 02-8772-6072
306, BaDe Rd, Sec 2, Taipei (B1 Food Court)

東門店 DongMen Branch
02-2327-8688 02-2394-7909
11, JinShan Rd, Sec 2, Taipei

瑞光店 RuiGuang Branch
02-2657-9298 02-2657-9923
227, RuiGuang Rd, NeiHu, Taipei

敦化市民店 DunHua/ShiMing Branch
02-2578-7813 02-2578-8173
63, DunHua S Rd, Sec 1, Taipei

三民店 SanMin Branch
02-2769-5839 02-2764-6622
152, SanMin Rd, Taipei

慶城店 QingCheng Branch
02-2546-4467 02-2546-4821
12, QingCheng St (Les Suites), Taipei


Patrick Cowsill said...

I've basically given up eating at the Dunhua branch (between Bade and Chungshiao) because the whole wheat bread is always stale. My colleagues say that the other breads are fresh and that it's one of only three Subways in Taipei that serve pizzas. I'm just thinking that if they don't throw the bread out, other ingredients sit as well.

Anonymous said...

Since you mentioned Quiznos, are there any left in Taipei?

There used to be one on Herping Rd, east (I think) of the TRTS line. It was there in 2003, gone in 2005.

Were there (or are there) any others?

Valerie Chong said...

Subway is my favourite! But too bad, nobody appreciates it here in Milan because they have their Italian paninis so the only branch I found is not doing well, ingredients not fresh from the lack of customers.

Btw, I came across your blog from Wikipedia and totally loving it. I might pop over to Taiwan this summer so this is a great insight for what's in store! I've put you in my blogroll so hope you don't mind. My name is Valerie btw. Happy Chinese New Year! :)

joanh said...

patrick: uh, stale bread is bad.. but i didn't know they serve pizza! is it any good? sometimes i do worry about tuna that has been sitting around..

gridman: there were Quizno's in Taipei?? i didn't know!

valerie: thanks! if i could italian paninis or subway, i think i would definitely pick paninis!!! thanks for adding me!

Par said...

Happy Chinese New Year..
You give a long list, helping them advertise :P

Anonymous said...

You can tell that Subways here are franchised. I've been to many of them and they each seem to have their own identity. They're just not consistent in quality. I'm lucky that the one down the street from where I live has good food and good service. I believe my subs there are better than at other locations.