Friday, February 22, 2008


97, SongRen Rd, 1F
(across the street from Neo 19, near Brown Sugar)
(02) 2345-8818
CLOSED a/o 2015


Hours: Sun-Thu 11:30 am - 11 pm
Fri & Sat 11:30-12 am(last order 11 pm)


Kid friendliness: Kids menu available with chicken fingers, cheeseburger, jr ribs and the like w/soda for under NT$200. high chairs available and coloring paper/crayons

Visit reviewed: 2/21/2008

What to say.. Outback is the latest Western chain restaurant to open in the Xinyi area. While they have had a restaurant location in Holiday Inn for quite a few years, their new digs which opened last December across the nearby Macaroni Grill and Chili's will be sure to draw some new customers.

The decor, menu and food is much the same as the Australian grill restaurant in the US, with a Chinese and English menu with pictures- red meat offerings like sirloin, rib eye, prime rib, NY Steak, lamb, baby back ribs, along with pasta, seafood, salads, appetizers and desserts.

We had to try the signature appetizer- Bloomin' Onion (NT$280)- although it is wayyy to big for only two people to share.. more like 5 plus. It was deep fried, crunchy and addictive, and sort of a mystery how they make an onion unfold into such a cohesive unity of onion pieces. They have other things like fried 'shrooms, Kookaburra (chicken wings), aussie cheese fries (boy was I tempted by this), and a combo plate.

We also ordered the sirloin against the server's recommendation of getting the more expensive filet which is more tender. The sirloin (NT$480) was pretty tough and chewy... Not the best steak I've had, but it was the cheapest one on the menu. I really enjoyed the baked sweet potato though! It had a bit of butter and cinnamon as well to bring out the natural sweetness. The steaks come with your choice of either a baked potato or sweet potato or two sides: aussie chips, fresh steamed vegetables, rice pilaf, or mashed potatoes. It kind of sucks that if you pick a baked sweet/potato that you don't get a 2nd side of veggies or something.

Lastly, the starter caesar (add NT$70) had a kick to it along with the pile of buttery croutons! It was either very peppery or had a bit of paprika or something in the dressing.

I wanted to show the difference in the pictures when you white balance in the camera-- the lighting in Outback is sort of pinkish-romantic (?) and after I white-balanced the food colors looked a lot more accurate. I don't have the time to photoshop my pics to crop, beautify or fix them, so I gotta get it when I get it in the camera.



I've had their dessert before (which is huge)- which I would still pick Chili's warm chocolate cake still, but want to try their prime rib. I've been to Outback once in the states, where I was not that super impressed to return, but I think I would give Outback in Taipei another try. It seems like it could be a fun group dinner place or setting for a romantic couple's dinner. They have an extensive drinks menu and bar, and aren't SUPER crowded yet like Chili's can get. The service is definitely eager to please, constantly refilling our drinks and answering questions, although I have to note that our server was a bit confused by some of my questions in English, but we worked it out.


at Holiday Inn Taipei
100 Tun Hwa North Road,2nd Fl.,
(02) 8712-8818


David said...

A Canadian friend of mine who has lived in Taiwan for many years loves this place. However, he was a little disappointed to find out there are no Outback Steakhouses in Australia!

Anonymous said...

Nice! The American places in Manila tend be cheesy or something from the midewest, like 'Kenny Rogers Fried Chicken'. Nice to see Taipei gets a good variety of better chains.

Anonymous said...

david: haha. that's funny, that's why i labeled the post both australian and american. i guess it's like finding out there are no Panda Expresses or PF Chang's in Taiwan/China..

tt: yeah.. it's surprising what's here and what's been popping up the last few years.. i'm waiting for Cheesecake Factory and Krispy Kremes and CPK. oh and i guess i can dream of El Pollo Loco or El Torito Grill..

Ron Wu said...

and Denny's, miss that grand slam breakfast.

Anonymous said...

They have an Outback right next to Ikea. That's the one I've been to a few times. It's really large inside. I always get the prime rib when I go. Though it's way more expensive than in the US, it still tastes pretty good. Still waiting to go try Lawry's in Taipei!

Anonymous said...

Lol. Outback is an american restaurant. I went to the one in Kaohsiung, next to the "Love River". I was amazed at the fact they spoke in English. Pretty neat. Food was ok...still has a bit of a "Taiwanese" flare to it.

NL said...

I was in Australia in May. You can let your friend know that there is an Outback Steakhouse in Sydney. We didn't eat there so I can't comment on the food.

Dexter Nicholson said...

Cool, one of the things I like about Australia is their food. Grilled stuffs and some salads are what makes my day. It would really be great to experience an Australian dinner or breakfast on one of its awesome outbacks..

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Paul Cowsill said...

I just mention that you might have to wait 45 minutes for cold food, especially if you order salmon or a burger, at the branch near Ikea.


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