Sunday, April 27, 2008

bakeries: i strongly recommend MINI ONE

at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Food Court, A11, B2
No. 11, Song Shou Road

website: Japanese only


Kid friendliness:

Visit reviewed: 4/18/2008

If you like your croissants on the sweet side, then you definitely have to try Mini One. I first had these freshly baked croissants a few years ago when Donq had a little corner bakery in A11. But when they moved to A4 and was replaced, neither location had the chocolate croissants that I liked with a slightly chocolately center.

While these mini-ones are not as mini as I remember, they still have a crispy outer shell (because they are brushed with sugar water after they are taken hot out of the oven) to reveal the flaky layers that get softer to the core. For NT$50, you get 4 croissants (100g) where I think previously you got 6 (because they were smaller). As with most of the baked goods here, you should eat them right away or within the day or two.

They also sell little cheesecakes, but I'd choose the chocolate croissants over the other options anyday. If you can't decide, you can wander to the counter and try out samples of each.

BTW- if you haven't been to A11 foodcourt lately, they've remodeled it. KFC is no longer there and most of the food court options are of the Chinese variety.


Anonymous said...

I find the level of quality of the bakeries in Taiwan far superior to many places in the US. You are so lucky. Take care and love your commentaries.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, how can you resist. Those look really good; I think I could do 6 in one sitting...

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