Friday, April 18, 2008

dessert/bakeries: ROSE PIE at SOGO

at SOGO, B2
No. 45, Zhong Xiao E. Road, Sec. 4

(02) 7711-0768


hours: Sun- Fri: 11am-9.30pm; Sat: 11am-10pm


Visit reviewed: 4/6/2008

So who remembers me craving lemon meringue pie? (You guys were no help, by the way!!) Who knew there was a supermarket and little pie shop in Sogo????

My friend wanted to get some drinks from Sogo's supermarket and I had only been to their food court on B1, so she introduced me to another basement floor I'd never been... that actually had lemon meringue pie among a ton of other kinds of pies.

Rose Pie's offerings looks like Taiwanese King's Hawaiian with more fruit and cream type of pies, but I almost gasped in surprise when I saw the lemon meringue with the fluffy egg white meringue topping. You won't spot apple pie or other crust topped pies here.

While I did have my craving satisfied by a birthday gift from a friend a few weeks ago of a lemon meringue pie from Home Cake (to be reviewed!), I couldn't resist checking this out.

In comparison, I'd have to say it was not tart or sweet enough for my American tastebuds, but they did a good job with the meringue and flaky crust. I'd like to go back and try the fruit custard pie, tiramisu and cheesecake. I guess pie isn't really a big thing in Taiwan yet- it's mostly about the bread and cakes here so far.

Based on their brochure, they seemed to have originated from Taichung and only have this location in Taipei. You can buy pies by the slice (around NT$45) or over 45 different kinds of whole pies (NT$300-450), as well as cakes. Check out their website to see pictures and the various styles they offer.


Anonymous said...

Joanh, I've heard that Taipei is a heaven for bookstores. Is there an area where there are 100+ bookstores? Do you know if there are many books on Taiwanese cooking written in English? Since I can't take Taipei's food shops back with me, at least it would be nice to be able to take some good recipes home! (I know that I can probably find some good recipes on the internet, but it's just not the same as having a nice cookbook at hand.)

Anonymous said...

Those pies looked okay. But your mention of King's Hawaiian is making me really crave a Hawaiian breakfast....Portuguese Sausage, Eggs and Rice. Comfort food at its best. I probably won't be able to find that in Taipei :(

joanh said...

my: hi! You should hit up Eslite and Page One... I don't know an area where there are 100 plus bookstores, but if you are looking for Taiwanese cookbooks in English, those are two good places to start. I have been looking for one too and if I find one to recommend, I'll let you know!

anonymous: you should try the cha siu, egg, rice dish at Shanghai Bistro. I know it's not the same, but it's pretty good!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Joanh. If I go and find a good one, I'll let you know too!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo. Pies are always a good thing, especially when they are unexpected surprise pies in the basement, haha.

Sorry I've been MIA. You are a great food reviewer and it is always interesting to come here and catch up. I almost, ALMOST, spent more time here tonight than I did on the Miss Universe site you sent me to. HAHAHAHA!

It is also great to see that you have developed quite a regular group of readers and contributors.

After almost three years, I bet you have enough entries here for a little Taipei food guide book??

Baby Madison said...

is this the new sogo or the old sogo??? i need a pie fix!

Joanh said...

tt: always happy to have you reading. Of course this can't compare to the lemon meringue from Gulfstteam!
Baby Madison: old sogo! Let me know what you think!

Baby Madison said...

the crust is flaky - soooo good. i tried the strawberry mousse and it could be sweeter and more tart!!! i bought 5 different flavors! keep you posted :)

Baby Madison said...

the latte pie is yummy and the chocolate pie (more of a tart) is yummy too!!! the crust is sooooo good and flaky!