Monday, April 14, 2008

my kitchen: french toast

French toast is probably one of the easiest breakfast foods to make- you just need bread, an egg, milk and a hot pan. I like to add a little vanilla extract as well, but it's not a must have item if you don't have it in your kitchen. I don't know why I don't make it more often or why I felt like making it this morning, but it was easier than trying to get it to-go from NY Bagel.

Someday I'd like to try it with challah bread or french bread, but it tastes great with regular sliced bread too.

I tried a few new places the past few weeks that I will blog about soon:

- Finally found Bongos and had some awesome red bean and mochi shaved ice at the very crowded Tai Yi afterwards.
- Said farewell to fellow Taipei bloggers haochr at Mary's Australian Bistro. Have fun back in the states- we'll miss you!
- Tried Yong He Dou Jiang and the nearby street stalls at Da An and Xin Yi Road
- Had family dinners at Shanghai Fans and the always reliable Shanghai Shanghai
- Made some peanut butter brownies but they disappeared too quickly to take pictures! Maybe next time
- Had an oyster omelette set at the Xin Yi Eslite food court
- Found cold Korean noodles (aka naengmyeon) and seafood pancake at the Korean restaurant across from the Vietnamese restaurant

Thanks to everyone for reading, commenting and emailing me. I love hearing from you guys. I've been trying to keep up the pace of a few posts a week, so we'll see how long I can keep it up! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey! I enjoy your postings so much. I was to excited to go back to Taipei this summer and work off the list of eateries i saw from your blog BUT now I found out I will be in Kaohsiung...which means.. the list is useless now :( Do u know a blog postings about restaurants around Kaohsiung? thanks!

Emily said...

Thanks, Joan! I'm missing the food already! I can always live vicariously through your blog, though. =)

Anonymous said...

Hmm...looks like Denny's. Try using Texas toast next time. :)

joanh said...

anonymous: thanks!! you can always make weekend trips up. :) Try out this site for Kaohsiung:

emily: I'll try and share some new places to you guys! don't forget to try Zachary's!!

jeff: hahah.. tell me where to get Texas toast in Taipei and I'll try it!

Anonymous said...

I agree that this blog rocks. I will be relocating to Taipei this summer and I look forward to trying your recommendations. :^)

joanh said...

anonymous2: thanks!!! hope you let me know what you think of the places you check out. :) good luck relocating!

Anonymous said...

i agree with both of the anonymous people! i'll be back in taipei again in a few weeks and can't wait to try out some of these places during the next few months! by the way that french toast looks pretty good!