Wednesday, April 15, 2009

news: Pikachu Peeps from Bakerella

This is freakin' genius!

the AFTER- from

Now does anyone know where to get Bunny Peeps, lollipop sticks and edible ink pens in Taipei?

the BEFORE- from

I've been drooling over Bakerella's cake pops for over a year, but this is something that I could actually do!

She has a million and one cute ideas and things that you will find yourself "ooh-ing" and "aahing" over.


Maybe one day I'll have the courage to make one these suckers myself.


Jean said...

haha.. i saw these too. i wanted to make that valentine's day candy box. want me to buy supplies and send em your way?!

dennis said...


Pauline said...

how cute!

Anonymous said...

wow, that's ridiculously cute and awesome! thanks for sharing it with us. :)

Johanna said...

I featured these on my blog too.. they are absolutely gorgeous, and would be so easy to make!

Alisa @ A stitch in between said...

hey, I have made some of the bakerlla's cake pops before, I love doing it and I loove her blog (yours too of course). At a chance of sounding like a stalker, we can have a blogger party making cake pops (just like bakerella and Pioneer woman), now if only i could remember to actually update my blog every once in awhile..