Tuesday, April 21, 2009

street food/taiwanese: ROASTED SWEET POTATOES VENDOR

spotted at the corner of Xinyi and Dun Hua

Visit reviewed: 4/3/2009

Where o where are you, Mr. Sweet Potato Vendor? I was so excited to see you at the busy corner with your little cart of super hot yams and take one home to try. My super huge snack was NT$60, totally worth it for the carmelized ends and roasted goodness inside.

I haven't spotted you since and I feel like I'm writing one of those Craig's List ad: "You were sitting patiently waiting for customers. I regretted not buying more than one, not knowing if they were going to be really good or not, having been burned by mediocre sweet potato vendors elsewhere."

I know you'll never read this, but perhaps other readers have encountered you elsewhere?


dennis said...

i too love roasted "han ji"

Virginia said...

There is an old many by Living Mall every afternoon. Although he does move around few corners around that area.

Annie Myrvang said...

There is one outside of the Liuzhangli MRT station. Delish!