Wednesday, April 29, 2009

snapshot/dessert: i recommend KFC egg tarts

multiple locations in Taipei

website: Chinese only

I'm sure anyone reading this from the states is thinking, "Whaat? Egg tarts from KFC??" I know, I know. It's sort of strange. Actually, Kentucky Fried Chicken here doesn't even have coleslaw and mashed potatoes. Instead- it's portguese egg tarts.

But they weren't half bad. Surprisingly good even.

My friend brought some over when visiting and they were still warm. I think egg tarts are best eaten warm, when the flaky crust and silky yellow custard still has that melt in your mouth texture. The carmelized tops give it that creme brulee look and taste- and some of the egg tarts had red bean in them.

They weren't that good the next day after being in the fridge and the crusts got all soggy. So eat them hot.

And I like KFC's fried chicken too. They have original and crispy, though the crispy here is a bit spicy.

So mashed potatoes and coleslaw or egg tarts? Which one would you rather have with your fried chicken?


Unknown said...


Hi, I'm Annie and me and my sister have been fans of your blog for a long time. We love the pics you take..good eats! We're food lovers too, but anyways, we are starting a project in Taipei where we're filming 10 pilot shows for a web-channel we're starting up. The show will be focused on introducing restaurants/eats around Taipei while teaching English. We're wondering if you'd be interested in participating. But please add me on MSN, or email me. I didn't know any other way to msg you but to leave a comment here. Anyways I'll tell you more details, hope to hear from you soon.



keauxgeigh said...

i would give my horse for mac & cheese. If they had mac & cheese, I'd even go out and buy a horse.

kirbie said...

Egg tarts at KFC!! wow. I would never even think to step inside a KFC while in Taipei, but the egg tarts look good. And I've never had red bean filled egg tarts.

Roger said...

Ya know...they oughta sell these in the States too. Sure beats their so-so dessert items.

Anonymous said...

KFC in China and Hong Kong for some reason is not as salty as states. I always get so thirty after eating it in states. Beijing the chicken are not much meat unlike states chicken plump and meaty.

Custard tarts not good looking like Hong Kong style and Cantonese people see it as burn looking. It because use to ones that sold in Cantonese bakeries. But still taste good.


EatTravelEat said...

These look great :). Very browned on the top! I've never had a egg tart with a filling like red bean in them.

joanh said...

annie: hi!! hmm, sounds interesting.. I'll shoot you an email. you guys are based in Taipei?

companero: hahah..if you are craving mac and cheese, you can try it at Chili's.. it's not bad but not the same. I think TGIF also has it. both on the kids' menu.

kirbie: i know, right?!

roger: haha.. you should write a letter to KFC US corporate. start up the portuguese egg tart craze there.

wanda: i would think HK people would be familiar with them because of how popular they are in Macau, but i'm sure different people like different kinds.

eatTraveleat: yes! i think they have other kinds too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, i do agree that KFC in Taiwan makes (surprisingly) very good egg tarts. They come in 3 different varieties; plane, mochi w. brown sugar and some sort of purple potatoes/yam (it's actually not red beans). =)

Unknown said...

Yes we're based in Taipei..sure email me at my hotmail or

thanks girl!

sarah said...

I love KFC .. r u taiwan girls ? (:

Pauline said...

KFC egg tarts are the BEST! i didn't used to like that kind of egg tarts (only the regular kind), but now i love them! they're soooo GOOD! YUMMMMM! :D

Daddy Alex said...

KFC actually bought the recipe from the ORIGINAL Lord Stow's egg tarts owner in Macau. That's why they are pretty damn good. But nothing beats a bucket of fried chicken while you plump yourself in front of a tv for a good movie. I just wished they had mashed potatoes!

Kevin said...

I saw them being advertised last summer and I so wanted to try one, especially the "mochi" one they were promoting. Alas, I was too busy eating other delicious food. There's another fried chicken chain store called KLG. I'm not sure if it's still in business, but I always thought it was a huge copyright infringement lawsuit waiting to happen because even the logo is similar to KFC's!

joanh said...

Anonymous: ahh! no wonder they didn't taste exactly like red beans.. thanks for the insight!

Pauline: hahah. Yeah.. the first time I had portuguese egg tarts was in Macau.

Daddy Alex: wow.. that makes sense. I think it's actually better than what I had in Macau. I wish they had mashed potatoes too!

Kevin: there are a bunch of copycat stores of other popular stores... have you seen the copycat 85 degrees C, or Starbucks?

Chef_fubar said...

New reader here. Great foodie blog. and wow! the choices of cuisine is so diverse.

kudos to you for being one of the few that doesnt recommend jb burgers.

ai wei said...

new reader here :)

i seriously in love with KFC's egg tarts!!!

got it from ShenZhen, China. Love it! Yum

joanh said...

chef fubar: thanks!! i'm always surprised when i see jb recommended too..

ai wei: thanks!! that's cool they are available in shenzhen too.. do they have mashed potatoes or coleslaw there?

Fett84 said...

Did Taiwan's KFC get rid of mashed potatoes and cole slaw without telling anyone? What a sad day.

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I remember that when I tasted this dessert I thought that it was a piece of bread but them I said it is the best.

Macau hotels said...

I was so surprised to see KFC sell egg tarts. I admit that KFC egg tarts taste quite good. Hmmm thinking about it make me hungry hehe.

Japanese Ice Cream said...

I remember, years ago, when I was in the UK that KFC had baked beans instead of coleslaw?