Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CLOSED/Snapshot: crepes and galettes at NYNY?

Walking around Vieshow/NY NY in Xinyi and spotted this sign.. does that mean we'll finally have soft crepes and not the hard cone-like Taiwanese crepes in Taipei? I didn't have time to check it out, but I will soon. Anyone else try it before or can recommend any good crepe places (especially since Mamm Goz closed)?


Anonymous said...

yes i am so excited!! finally!

Jason and Jessie Manning said...

The place is decent, although my wife loves nutella crepes and she said that they usually skimp on the chocolate. One thing to note is that they were shut down for renovation last Friday and I don't know when they will open again.

joanh said...

hellobeebs: :)

jason and jessie manning: thanks for the comment! that sucks they skimp. i'll have to find some time later this week and investigate

Jason and Jessie Manning said...

We just went there the other day and apparently they switched locations with "Shirley's Coffee" (I think that's how they spell it). So they are now back open but near the side with the McDonalds. They're fruit crepes are pretty good though.

BNutz said...

Went there yesterday just before going to the movies, they were still putting up some of the fittings around the store but were open for business.

I ordered the Peach and Apricot crepe and was a little concerned when the man seemed a little unsure about putting the batter on the hot plate stove thingy... I don't know if I've been spoiled by the passionate cooking styles of the crepe stands I used to see on family trips to Paris as a kid but this guy just didn't have that flair as he went about his business.

Luckily I was really nicely surprised as the resultant stuffed pancake was lovely, fluffy and light. The fruit pieces were big and chunky.

Though a little hard to walk-and-eat without getting messy (they hadn't got any takeaway wrappers yet so they gave us those hotdog-style tubs) and the crepe was a little too hot to hold at first. I'm still interested enough to go back and try out the rest of the menu in future! Definitely recommended. =)

Josh said...

There is a crêperie up Zhongshan N. Rd. Sec. 7 right behind California Fitness called La Crêperie Bretagne.

They serve up authentic crêpes (and galettes which I have yet to try). I highly recommend their Cointreau Banana Crêpe with Rum Raisin Ice Cream. It's very good! They have an Afternoon Tea special with a crêpe and a drink for 180NT (or something around there). For drinks, I highly recommend their Bretagne Apple Cider, Fruit Tea, or White Wine (which you can get with the Afternoon Tea special).

joanh said...

Brian Lau: Sounds like it's worth trying.. thanks so much for sharing your experience!

Josh: sounds like a deal! it's a bit farther for me, but I'll have to check it out when I have some time