Monday, October 12, 2009

CLOSED! dessert/frozen yogurt: SHERRY's FROZEN YOGURT

edit 10/12/09- CLOSED!

No. 23, Lane 187, Dun Hua S. Road, Sec. 1
(02) 2775-4610



Kid friendliness: some seating, mostly to-go

Visit reviewed: 9/8/2009

We've come a long way from the meager days of drooling over Pinkberry and Yogurtland in the states. Now there seems to be new pink frozen yogurt places popping up everywhere I turn.

I was meeting up with a new friend and we wanted to get the waffle from Room From Dessert. The last time I was there, I wasn't able to get any good pictures and they had one of the best waffles I've had in Taipei, plus it came with a small side of frozen yogurt!

But when we went there, we realized it had closed down!!!! And was now a second hand luxury goods shop. ARGH! So we wandered down the alley and saw the sign for Sherry's Frozen yogurt and decided to give it a try.

Inside, it's pretty tiny, but has a few bar stools to sit on, or a table outside. Their frozen yogurts come in S, M or L (NT$85-130) or you could get a shake (NT$135). With four flavors to choose from- Original, Strawberry, Mango and Blackberry- they gave us samples to try all four, which were surprisingly all tart. Also, they had a special promotion since they had just opened a few weeks ago for 20% off all orders.

I ended up getting a Mango Shake (NT$135) which was blended mango yogurt and fresh mangos. It was a bit thick and there were no bits of mango, so kind of like drinking a melting frozen yogurt.

My friend got small strawberry frozen yogurt with mango and oreos (NT$90). The oreo cookie was placed whole and not pre-crumbled, so she just ate it like a regular cookie.

They also had some other fruit, berry, candy and cereal toppings, but it was hard to see in their covered trays. The selection isn't as huge as Yogurtland or YoFroyo and price is more expensive, maybe to account for rent in the area?

The week after I spotted this place, I spotted Hielo and gave it a try (review coming soon!). Overall, Sherry's Frozen Yogurt and the new wave of yogurt places are an improvement on the city's first attempts at frozen yogurt last year- >Yogurt Me and Sweetberry.

I do wish that Room for Dessert was still around. Anyone know where to get good waffles now?


EatTravelEat said...

I've always wondered how shakes at a frozen yogurt place were like. Now I know!

They very nicely swirled the strawberry yogurt for your friend I can see. Looks better than what I have seen from other chains!

m said...

this place is gone already...

joanh said...

eattraveleat: yeah.. too thick

m: seriously?? already? i called the number and i think you're right.. dang it!

Unknown said...


I think Room for Dessert is moving..or has already moved. This is what I heard from a friend of the owner. Their business was always pretty decent, so I find it hard to believe that they would go out of business. If find out any info, I'll let you know!

brian said...

i have to second eattraveleat, i was always wondering how those shakes were. looked like it'd be good though. (i was thinking along the lines of orange creamsicle-ish)

joanh said...

richard: yes, let me know if you find out.. we were sad to see it gone

brian: mm, an orange vanilla dreamsicle shake sounds so good... nope it was very very mango-y