Friday, November 05, 2010

2010 Best of Taipei Restaurants 3rd Annual Readers' Favorites Poll!

It's nearing the end of the year and I figure if I give you guys a head start in voting then I can have a head start in tabulating and researching and writing and then hopefully we can have the results out in January 2011 (eek!) rather than early spring! haha. Now with Facebook and Twitter and more of you reading, I'm hoping more of you will vote!! Copy and paste the area below, fill in the ones you want to vote for and paste in the comments section. If you need a refresher, check out last year's faves.


Voting will be open from November 5th - December 3rd, 2010. There must be a minimum of 5 categories filled out (with different restaurants) in order for the vote to be counted. For example, you cannot fill out the same restaurant in 3 categories and nothing else. But if you really love that restaurant, vote for it in the applicable 3 categories and fill out 4 other categories, then it will count.

It's okay if you haven't tried everywhere in Taipei! No one has. It does not have to be a restaurant I've reviewed. So just vote for your favorites!

You don't have to have a google account to vote. Just pick the "name" or "anonymous" option and put in your first name or initials if you don't want to put in your name. (Thanks to Booyah for recommending Google Surveys- I'm giving it a try!) Just fill out the boxes underneath with your answer and hit submit at the end.

Also feel free to campaign for your restaurant or favorite eatery on Facebook, Twitter or your website with a link to this page. But only votes on this post will count.

I will tabulate and hope to announce the winners with a write up in January 2011 (fingers crossed!).


Anonymous said...

Favorite Restaurant to take Tourist Friends - 山西刀削麵之家
Favorite Unexpected Find in Taipei
Favorite Late-Night Restaurant - YongHe DouJiang
Favorite Night Market - TongHua Night Market
Favorite Place to Meet for Drinks - Dante's

Favorite Mexican/TexMex Restaurant - Oola Mexican Grill
Favorite Vietnamese/Southeast Asian Restaurant - Yue Yuan Pho
Favorite Dessert Cafe/Restaurant - Yu's Almond Tofu

Favorite Western Breakfast/Brunch - The Diner
Favorite Chinese Breakfast - YongHe DouJiang
Best Hamburger - Bravo Burger
Best Pizza - So Free Pizza
Best Afternoon Tea - Smith & Hsu
Best Frozen Yogurt - YoFroyo
Best Shaved Ice - Xin Fa Ting
Best Milk Tea/Boba shop - Chen Shan Ding

Pierre said...

Filling this, I have the impression I need to explore more restaurants!!!

Favorite Cheap Eats: 八方雲集 (ba fang yun ji - fried dumplings)
Favorite Restaurant to take Tourist Friends: Din Tai Fung
Favorite Unexpected Find in Taipei: La boite de bijou (I mean, they have Kouign-Amann from Brittany!)
Favorite Romantic Restaurant: La Cocotte
Favorite Night Market: Shida
Favorite Place to Meet for Drinks: Maybe Bar
Favorite Food Court: Sogo Zhongxiao Fuxing
Favorite Fast Food: 鬍鬚張 (Formosa Chang)
Favorite Neighborhood/Area to eat: Shida
Favorite Restaurant discovered from HungryinTaipei: Anzu

Favorite Taiwanese Restaurant: 度小月 (Tu Hsiao Yueh)
Favorite Chinese Restaurant: Shanghai Shanghai
Favorite Japanese Restaurant: Anzu
Favorite Sushi/Sashimi: Dozo
Favorite American/Western Restaurant: Saveurs
Favorite French Restaurant: Saveurs
Favorite Italian Restaurant: Primo Trattoria
Favorite Mexican/TexMex Restaurant: Oola!
Favorite Thai Restaurant: 非常泰 (Very Thai)
Favorite Vietnamese/Southeast Asian Restaurant: Yue Yuan Pho
Favorite Korean Restaurant: 大韩門 in Shida
Favorite Dessert Cafe/Restaurant: Chocoholic
Favorite Restaurant that doesn't fit into a category

Favorite Western Breakfast/Brunch: Paul
Favorite Chinese Breakfast: 東方美
Best Beef Noodle Soup: 七十二牛肉面
Best Xiao Long Bao: Din Tai Fung
Best Hamburger: 1885 Burger Store
Best Pizza: Alleycat
Best Vegetarian: that fried tofu place in Shida (I forgot the name, they serve their tofu with Chinese pickles in a boat-shape dish)
Best Afternoon Tea: Gabee (in Songshan district)
Best Shaved Ice: 辛發亭 (in Shiling night market)
Best Milk Tea/Boba shop: 橘子工坊 (Orange house)
Best Bakery- Breads: Paul
Best Bakery- Cakes: Kayser

Lovely Cat said...

Good luck, Joanne! Thanks for your hard work!

Favorite Cheap Eats: 永河豆漿
Favorite Restaurant to take Tourist Friends: 上海湯包館/阿忠麵線
Favorite Night Market: 師大夜市
Favorite Place to Meet for Drinks: Sofa
Favorite Food Court: Shinkong Mitsukoshi A8

Favorite Italian Restaurant: Ziga Zaga
Favorite Vietnamese/Southeast Asian Restaurant: Madame Jill's Vietnamese Cuisine

Best Dim Sum: 神旺飯店 (Sanwant Hotel)
Best Afternoon Tea: Goethe Gourmet Gasthaus
Best Bakery- Breads: Paul
Best Bakery- Cakes: Goethe Gourmet Gasthaus

joanh said...

yay! thanks to you early birds for kicking off the votes! i'll have to start up my spreadsheet!

Anonymous said...

Best Pizza - Wooloomoolloo
Favorite Delivery - McDonald's
Best Vegetarian - those Minder Vegetarian buffets
Best Indian - The Tandoor
Favorite Unexpected Find in Taipei - Wooloomoolloo
Favorite Place to Meet for Drinks - Cubano's (formerly Citizen Cain)

Booyah! said...

Most Favorite Restaurant in Taipei - Hutong
Favorite New Restaurant in 2010 - Oola Mexican Grill
Favorite Cheap Eats - 師大自助餐
Favorite Restaurant to take Tourist Friends - 湘鼎坊
Favorite Night Market - Shida
Favorite Delivery - Pizza Hut
Favorite Fast Food - 21st Century
Favorite Restaurant discovered from HungryinTaipei - Toasteria

Favorite Chinese Restaurant - 湘鼎坊
Favorite Sushi/Sashimi - Sushi Express
Favorite Mexican/TexMex Restaurant - Oola Mexican Grill
Favorite Vietnamese/Southeast Asian Restaurant - 麗水街 鳳燕越南店 越南小吃
Favorite Japanese Restaurant: Anzu

Favorite Chinese Breakfast - Yonghe Soymilk
Best Ramen - Rakumenya
Best Beef Noodle Soup - 台大牛肉麵
Best Hamburger - California Grill
Best Hot Pot - 陶一軒
Best Pizza - Maryjane's
Best Frozen Yogurt - Yogurt Art
Best Shaved Ice - 台一牛奶
Best Milk Tea/Boba shop - Tenren

PS. It would make your life easier if you made a customized survey through, say, Google, for instance.

joanh said...

Booyah- THANKS! I just made a Google Survey and will give it a try.. hopefully people can figure it out and not get confused.