Friday, November 26, 2010

CLOSED! snapshot/mexican: i still strongly recommend EDDY's CANTINA

This location is closed a/o 2/2012. There is still a branch in Tianmu

151-1 Zhongshan Rd
(02) 2628-2638

MRT stop: Danshui


hours: Weekdays 11:30 AM-2:30 PM; 4:30PM-10PM (closed Tuesdays)
Weekends 11:30 AM- 10 PM

$ - $$ Cash only

Kid friendliness: High chair available. Restaurant above a stairway, so would need to fold up or lift strollers.

Visit reviewed: 11/20/2010
Previous review : 12/5/2008

It's been awhile since I've been able to make the trek out to Danshui for Mexican food at Eddy's Cantina. Of any foreign food in Taiwan, especially Mexican food- there will be lovers and there will be critics- all relative to what you're expecting and what you order and how long you've been in Taiwan and if you've tried the other places in Taipei that serve "Mexican" food. I hadn't been back for a couple of years so I was curious to see how it would compare to my first few visits.

For me, the chicken enchiladas (NT$250) still hit the spot- seasoned chunky bites of chicken, tortillas soaked in a sweet and tangy red sauce and melted cheese on top. If it's not spicy enough for you, spoon some of the chunky salsa atop. After devouring my portion of the nachos, I actually couldn't finish the good sized enchiladas and had half of one as leftovers the next day and it still worked.

The cheese quesadillas (NT$130) were like the ones I often make myself at home...

New additions to the menu included fish tacos which I might have to try sometime.

The nachos had plenty of chips underneath the cheese and taco seasoned ground beef. I could have used more cheese, but then again, I also like goopy nacho cheese cheese.

The bite of carnitas I had was still good, but got lost a little bit in the carnitas burrito with the soft rice and refried beans. It would have been nice to have more carnitas to rice/beans ratio (and tossing in some pico de gallo and cheese).

With the opening of Oola and closing of La Casita, I've been fulfilling my burrito cravings a little bit closer to home and there's nowhere else I know of in Taipei that I can get enchiladas anymore. Here's to hoping Eddy will someday open a place in Taipei that's a bit closer than Danshui!

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India said...

I was really excited to try Eddy's, and then I had a tasty meal that made me severely uncomfortable later. For their delicious Mexican food, I'm willing to try again, but I live out across the Danshui River from Banqiao, so it's quite a long trek to get sick on.

Has anyone else had this problem from Eddy's?

StefanMuc said...

There is a bar right at the Taipei Water Park which serves Mexican food. I didn't get a chance to try it, but here is a pictures of the bar.

It's between N 25 0.876, E 121 31.932 and N 25 0.817, E 121 31.849
(Near Gongguan Station.)

I asked the guy at the bar whether I could photograph the menu - if it interests you I could find it and upload it. I suspect you are pretty well supplied with suggestion, though. :-)

@India I was at Eddy's twice, and didn't have that problem. I thought the tortillas were a bit undercooked though - like sticking to your teeth a bit? Then again: my mother in law loved them. said...

the other day i was thinking that it may be possible that in a couple of years i will move to taiwan or somewhere close, and i was thinking how i will survive without european food.

but today i realised, i will have your blog to point me in the right direction!!

not sure id go for the fish tacos though

keauxgeigh said...

I'm so with you on their chicken enchiladas. I keep meaning to try their "wet" burrito, but I end up going for enchiladas. Do you think Oola's will survive? It's always empty whenever I go, although I always go at odd hours. They can take a lesson from Eddy's about not skimping on sour cream.

Jeff said...

suppose I'll share this: I was there for lunch last Thursday and enjoyed my meal very much, but the guacamole was yellow and a bit sour. The tortilla chips were good and the other salsas were ok, but the sour guac was a little weird.

a tasty meal nonetheless. I really should go more often, since I live in danshui

joanh said...

india: hi! thanks for your comment. I've never gotten sick after eating there... i agree, it's definitely a trek to get there!

stefan: thanks for the suggestion. maybe you can give it a try and let us know how it is?

moodswings: thanks for visiting my blog! there's definitely lots of options for non-chinese food here! i wouldn't be able to survive without western food here either!

keauxgeigh: the last time i went to Oola, they had a lunch crowd though understaffed (one person)... i think they still need to work on the hot/cool issue for their burritos/meats because that seems to be turning quite a few customers off. i do like the chicken enchiladas at Eddy's!

jeff: sorry to hear about your guac.. did you complain to the restaurant? i've rarely had good guac experiences in taipei unfortunately- only from chili's (which is probably premade and frozen) and home. i usually ask if the place is using local or haas avocados before i order.. you should definitely go more often if you live in danshui!

StefanMuc said...

@joanh: sorry for the delay, I'm only in Taiwan once a year or so. :-)

However I now had a chance to try the Mexican food near the Taipei Water Park and enjoyed the Quesedillas.

Also visited Eddy's again while I was working in Danshui: I went three times, had the different flavors of chimichangas and was very happy.

Tony said...

Thanks for the review, Hungrygirl - I finally got around to going there, and after a couple of visits I can agree with your comment about the burritos (a bit too full of rice), and it bothers me that they've never had any guacamole because it's "out of season" - come on guys, you're running a Mexican restaurant. Import some avocados already, by DHL if you have to.

Steve said...

Firstly, thank you for your food blogs. Helps me get an idea of what nonChinese food I can get here in Taiwan.

I've eaten at Eddy's twice so far and have been severely disappointed. Me being from Southern Cali, maybe I had too much of an expectation, but I found the food in general too bland for me.

What's interesting is that I voiced my complaint to one of my Mexican friends living in Taipei, and he recommended El Gallo. But after reading your review, I'm not so sure now.

I never thought I would long for Taco Bell.