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Monday, November 08, 2010

MOVED! french/crepes: i recommend ARVORIG CREPERIE BAR

new address a/o 11/2011
11 Re-Ai Road,
Yin-Ge District, Taipei, Taiwan 239
No. 325, Roosevelt Rd, Sec 3
(02) 2363-5600

hours: Tues-Fri 12PM-2:30PM; 4:30PM - 9PM ; Weekends 12PM- 9PM


Kid friendliness:bar stool seating, no high chairs spotted

Visit reviewed: 10/6/2010

When I first heard about Arvorig, I was pretty excited because (1) crepes in Taipei tend to be on the crunchy, papery side; (2) the crepe places that I had discovered before were gone- Mamm Goz and Crepes Suzette and (3) I had just gotten back from Toronto where I had some amazing crepes that reminded me how good they could be.

So for a lunch date with a friend from LA, my friend was down to try this new place with me. I called ahead just in case they were not open or had shut down or whatever. They were indeed open, though it sounded like they opened a lot later than the listed noon- the owner asked if we could come in closer to 12:30pm. I opted for 12:15pm and got there a little early at noon. Good thing there's this bright orange sign with a giant picture of a crepe because it could be a little harder to find otherwise. (And since I got there a little early, I walked around the block and ended up finding some amazing stinky tofu!)

Follow the hallway to the left of the door to the end, and you'll spot a corner bar seating area turned creperie with about 10-12 seats.

The menu has a huge selection of sweet crepes (over 40) and a few savory galettes, some topped with caesar salad. All the dessert crepes are under NT$100 (most around NT$60) and include such flavors such as sugar and lemon, chocolate, honey, banana and maple syrup, peach apricot jam and pear and honey. Topping it off with whipped cream is an extra NT$20.

We split a ham, tomato sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses and cherry tomatoes galette (NT$150), which was a bit on the dry side which emphasized the wheaty flavor and texture of the galette. Perhaps I was expecting more cheese like those I was familiar with back in California and from restaurants like the pricier Paul.

We saved room for dessert and ordered two sweet crepes to try- one with handmade caramel (NT$60) and one with chocolate (NT$60). The flavor of the crepe had an strong egg flavor which was more noticeable with the caramel than the chocolate.

If I came back again, I think I'd get the chocolate with bananas or maybe try one of the jam ones. Or ask for the goat cheese and honey galette without the lettuce.

While Arvorig didn't match up to my fond crepe experiences in Toronto, it hit the spot for a soft dessert crepe at a really good price- and made by a French expat in the kitchen.

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Pierre said...

The very good point here is they make their own paste, even for the salty ones (and that's not easy because you have to get the good type of flour, which is impossible to find here...).

I tried the goat cheese and honey one, and it's really good!

Nilcha said...

nice post! i ve never seen a crepes bar that has over 40 selection and ur pictures look yummy!

joanh said...

pierre: mm, sounds like i need to try the goat cheese and honey next time!

nilcha: thanks!

Johnny said...

I tried this place out, and it was really good!! I walked past this place so many times, but if you didn't point it out I wouldn't have known I could get such cheap and tasty crepes. Hope they don't realize how much of a bargain it is and raise their prices.

joanh said...

johnny: i'm glad you liked it! have you tried the shwarma place next door?? i'm really curious about it!

Shiroi Neko said...

Don't look like jap one.

Johnny said...

The Swarma place looks suspicious...and i like lamb swarma better than that chicken looking stuff popularized in Taiwan~ Oh and BTW, i tried to get my crepe fix yesterday and found of sadly that ARVORIG closed this gong guan location and is moving to 鶯歌 for some reason. :(

Mathieu said...

I can't find the place with the new adress that you give. Could you check?