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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

dessert/food court: ALMOND ICE at XINYI ESLITE

No. 11 Song Gao Rd, B2

MRT: Taipei City Hall


Kid friendliness: food court seating; lighter dessert option fare for kids

Visit reviewed: 10/8/2010

Not as good as Yu's Almond Tofu, but convenient if you're in the XInyi area- you might miss this little area near the escalator serving almond shaved ice. I probably wouldn't have known what to order if not for my experiences frequenting Yu's and being able to read the Chinese. We got red bean and almond tofu buried underneath the freshly shaved almond milk ice and found a spot to eat it at the foodcourt. You can pick other things to have with the ice, like grass jelly, peanuts or pearl barley.

My friend J from Chicago had never had almond milk shaved ice before so she was delighted to try it, but I found the almond tofu and ice not as creamy or fresh as Yu's Almond Milk. If you've never had almond milk shaved ice, it's more creamy and fine than regular shaved ice- especially the chunky ice kind. In the Eslite food court, I still prefer the Xiao Nan Men's cold soy tofu dessert, so I'd probably get that on repeat visits.


Happy walker said...

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Judy @ Foodie Dreams said...

Arrggh now I have another thing to try when I get back in Jan~ might go for Yu's almond ice though. I'm going to put on so much weight *sigh* ;-)

Nilcha said...

this gigantic portion! lol! it must be yummy! i love almond.. n would love to try the red bean..

Su-Lin said...

Ooooh, I've never had that kind of shaved ice before. I don't like crunching down on the hard ice of other ice desserts but I guess this would just melt in the mouth?

joanh said...

mr lonely: thanks for visiting!

judy @ foodie dreams: definitely try Yu's Almond Ice instead!!

nilcha: the portion was pretty huge, my friend and I didn't finish it all!

su-lin: yes, this kind of ice definitely melts in the mouth.. it's more like freshly fallen snow than the crunchy ice. i prefer this ice a lot more!

Shiroi Neko said...

Wow. gotta be sweet.